The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Most people would consider the events that are happening to be a set back or some sort of hell being raised, but I read a quote somewhere that instead of looking at things as a problem, but as a positive makes me ask the question: "What is the lesson in this experience?"

With legal and financial issues. I am not as stressed out as I thought I would be. Instead, the big girl panties are on and I'm checking out all my options before jumping. Money has always been an issue for me and I feel as though its because of my perception or belief of how money should be handle. I'm removing those beliefs and affirming what it is that I truly want. In the past, leading by example has always worked. With food, living, and parenting. Now it looks like the tools I used to achieve free stuff, the home, the perfect career can be applied to relationship with myself, others, health, and money. 

It's funny how things in those areas aren't so great and I have to be honest. I never desired any of those things. I was searching for something else and now that I have release it all and just really observed and open my eyes to what I want to what needs to be done. Action always provides results. 

I don't know the lesson in this yet. But everything will come to light and full circle. I learned that. I won't hold any expectations or speak bad of them. I feel what I feel. Anger. Hurt. Hurt people do hurt people. It saddens me as you try to show love and people are afraid to love themselves to even see real love. Instead of hating them, I still love them from a distance and wish nothing but the best. 

Or is that the lesson or a test? 

Universe is sooo hilarious sometimes. All I can do is laugh and just say WOW! One thing is going horrible, but other things are just going amazing. New home is beautiful. Space for gardening for both Leon and me. Enough rooms for kids, washer and dryer included :), and even though it isn't in a save area. I already can see that the neighbors are family people. 

Not so sure about the school though only because Andrea is getting the help she needs with the teachers and have shown a huge improvement in school and at home. 

Work is way behind and I have been thinking about it for a long time to go get a job PT for the extra cash flow for my business and to have the extra money I want. The drive I have is still there and I will never give up on my business. It's what I love to do. I see other moms who do it and balance is very important. Leon and I celebrated our 3 yr anniversary and thinking back to how different and opposite we are, its what keeps us balanced. But most importantly we strive to be better people because of who the other person is. Strange how love is and there is no limit. 

Last week I was sitting outside and it dawned on me that I was in this place at some point in time. It felt good to know that I was in the right place at the right time and all that I have dreamed about will come true and I will definitely need to hold on for the ride. The journey never ends. :)

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