The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Nothing happens to you - everything happens for you.

Day 20

It's snowing and there's a terrible cold snap in England this week. Today I got into my new car and the battery was as flat as a pancake! Did I panic? Did I get mad? Did I get neurotic? (Well a little) but something I did was ask for the help of my neighbours'. One of my intentions is to bond more with people (this scares me a little). I'm frightened of being hurt and rejected. Instead a few neighbours came to my aid and then the 24 hr recovery man gave me excellent advice. I now know which action to take and everyone was so helpful.

I remember Wayne Dyer once saying 'Nothing happens to you - everything happens for you'. He was right. I was just reading this morning that its so important to connect with others and it happened. My old car goes back to the garage tomorrow and now I have my new one. I no we'll have loads of new adventures and I'm going to call her Mini the Micra.

Things don't alway work out how we plan them.............but always in our favour. No situation is ever wasted.

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