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This morning when I woke up, I thought it was going to be just another Sunday in which I just wished it was Monday to feel "productive", whatever that means to me now.

However, before getting up I said: "I call all the Angelic beings who can assist me and support me in becoming magnetic to new possibilities, opportunities and abundance through expanding consciousness and self-love to activate whatever needs to be activated now. May everything flow to me with grace and ease. Thank you, because I know you are already here". And then I got up.

After breakfast and a shower, it occurred to me that it might be the perfect moment to pay a phone visit to a friend of mine I haven't seen in 10 years or so, with whom we connected last week through Facebook. We had an amazing hour-long talk, realizing there might even be a lot more things that connect us now than before.

And then, at about 3pm, I chose to open up my FB page again (I'm trying to opening it up only twice a day now, because I know how to connect virtually fairly well, and I want to open up space for closer connections to appear) and found a message from the owner of the radio station where I hosted my show in 2013 inviting me to talk on the phone. I'd thought about calling her because I do not have the money means to continue it this year, and the "radio year" starts in February, so this felt really timely.

Well, it turns out that she really wants my show to go on because people really like it, although there are only a few at the moment. Not only that, she wants me to write an estimate of how much I would charge her to have her entire Astrological website translated into English. I'd absolutely LOVE that job, plus a lot of great ideas started pouring out. I hung up really excited and well aware of the "angelic response" to my call this morning. THANK YOU!!! How does it get any better than this? 

A huge headache came after that, but I'm well aware of the expansion taking place. On top of that, as I was listening to a free video call by Jennifer Hough today, it occurred to me to write a comment inviting people who might be interested in doing consciousness work in Spanish to visit my website ( ). That's something emerging from me that I did not see before.

So, my Sunday has been really productive and I'm ending the day with more awareness, self-love and surrendered trust in the benevolence of life than ever before.

A huge energetic hug to you reading this and a huge blanket of loving possibilities on your journey.

With love,


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