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I have decided I am going to blog about my days.... a day later :)   That way I will be able to express my gratitude for things completely and not feel I left anything out.... kinda works better for me to do a "recap" of life so to speak.

Yesterday was amazing!  I chose to make it amazing, I had a job interview that went pretty amazing I felt and in the afternoon received a call from another company to also interview with.  I have also another one on my calendar for Nov. 7th with Geico, and one more Nov. 30th with the Public Defender Office here as a legal assistant.  (Which is the career I had before relocating from Florida to here in Georgia).

I also made friends with a woman that has life experiences VERY similar to mine.  I talked to her for at least an hour, and it was simply amazing.  I also felt so good lifting her spirits and making her feel happiness.  I asked her to watch The Secret on Netflix when she has some down time and she is going to.   The feeling of goodness I had inside from talking to her made me feel so genuinely good inside it really affirmed that what brings me the most joy is when I am helping someone else.  When I help someone, make them happy, make them smile and make them feel good about them it makes me feel like my heart is soaring and excited because I KNOW they are on the journey to find beauty within them.

I feel so joyous and blessed and thankful for all that I have right now and the peace in my mind,heart and spirit that there are so many wonderful things coming my way.   

I look forward to making friends on this sight that have the same joy and feelings and I just feel excited about life!

I wish everyone that see's this a wonderful day full of joy and abundance.  A wonderful day of appreciation of what you already have!

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Comment by Raizel on November 8, 2012 at 3:11pm

So awesome that your first day went so well, looking forward to hearing more! Some of our intentions are very similar - sending some positive thoughts your way.

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