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Obama is President: What To Do When It Finally Hits You And Your Mind Explodes

Really wanted to share this, I laughed because I keep saying "I can't believe it!"

(by David Rees Huffington Post)

What To Do When It Finally Hits You And Your Mind Explodes: A, Safety Guide

If you're like most people, you're still in shock. THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING AS HAVING YOUR MIND BLOWN.

Even if you're stumbling around the office saying, "I can't believe it . . . I can't believe it . . . it blows my mind . . ." that doesn't actually mean the absolute, glorious, unfuckingbelievableness of it has caught up with you and officially blown your mind.

Neurologists expect most Americans' minds to blow sometime around 11:00 PM EST tonight (Nov. 5), approximately 24 hours after the election was called.


Just a few simple precautions can make the difference between your mind blowing in a positive, healthy way . . . or a way that endangers you and other people.

First of all: WEAR A HELMET. You need to keep your skull from exploding. I was actually going to wrap my entire head in duct tape to keep it together -- until my wife suggested that might starve my brain of the oxygen required to actually comprehend how goddamn insanely, mind-blowingly historic this is. So I'm wearing an old bicycle helmet, on which I have written:


Secondly: DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS. Keep your mind hydrated. When the reality of the election result finally catches up to it, it's going to explode in a million little starbursts of Palinesque intensity. You need to make sure those starbursts aren't dry and chalky. I also recommend sticking multivitamins in your ears, to enrich any mind that blows out the sides of your head.

Third: DO NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY. I realize this may further damage our economy, but I don't want to be around some forklift operator who suddenly realizes what the heck happened last night just as he's moving hundreds of pounds of boxes near where I'm standing. What if his mind gets so blown, he goes limp and starts flapping around saying, "You can't be serious, this is so mind-blowingly intense, Oh my God, America, America, America, we did it!" because at that point, who's minding the forklift?

Finally: ENJOY THE PROCESS OF YOUR MIND BEING BLOWN. This particular mind-blowing braingasm will happen only once in American history . . . and your mind gets to be a part of it. (i.e., It's going to totally blow your freaking mind.) When it finally hits you -- when it really, truly hits you -- and you feel your mind starting to explode, lay back and smile.

After all, you earned it.

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Comment by Aleta on November 9, 2008 at 6:54pm
I've been hearing from friends in other countries for a while how impactful this US election is all over....we live in a global economy, so that was a big part of what they were looking at.
OMG do I feel a shift, as if people have discovered that what they knew to be true, but it didn't seem to be showing up in "the real world" was true after all.....which is that we can create positive change, not fear motivated change, but constuctive, even visionary change. I said this just now on your page Clarissa, but felt like it really belongs here too..... what this election did was collapse the barrier to barriers. It literally informed any resistance left in us that barriers are illusion and THAT IS a huge shift. It is a transformation of belief ABOUT REALITY. That's the kinda shift I like oh, yeah!
Comment by Clarissa Kelly on November 9, 2008 at 5:34pm
Aleta, Thanks for the lovely comment. I totally know what you mean, and I feel so much the same. I didn't realize how much sadness/grief/frustration I've been holding in the past few years. I think since 9/11 we have needed something to uplift us, the mood has been so somber. Even living in England, I felt it. We've needed a chance to feel some lightness in this country, and this is that time. It is my prayer and heartfelt wish that those who didn't vote for Obama can allow themselves to feel a little hope and joy on this occasion, we've all deserved this chance to feel better.

By the way, do you feel that something has just totally shifted? I mean, I imagined I'd feel really good and excited for a few days then go back to feeling "normal" but the mood isn't wearing off (thank goodness!). I truly feel that it is a shift in consciousness, or at least a step towards it. It is so weird! :-)
Comment by Aleta on November 6, 2008 at 1:07am
There is so much to do to heal our country, so there are plenty of positive outlets for our hope......! I am so enjoying your fair minded, emotional good is quite a mix for all of us. It is flowing through me in waves how much sadness I have felt about about my country and held at bay. I thought I was aware of how deep my feelings were, but it wasn't until we collectively chose a new direction that I realized how huge the collective grief was within me. Hope and choice are such remarkable powerful balms.
Comment by Clarissa Kelly on November 6, 2008 at 12:07am
I keep feeling giddy, every time I remind myself or see it on the news I get all excited again! It is like taking something psychotropic, and I am imagining that life is going to feel like this a bit all the time! I guess it is the opposite of feeling let down constantly. We've gotten so used to feeling down about our country the past 8 years, we don't know how to deal with this feeling. I hope everyone channels this energy wisely! :-)
Comment by Aleta on November 5, 2008 at 10:13pm
OH are my new favorite person...I have been a fricken nutter for a few days here and it is all HAPPY, Happy, JOY, Joy.....but man oh's a's a dry's.....well it's right up there in your blog...thank-you girl friend I needed that.


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