The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I've had some extra time lately to allow my mind and body to rest and to get a few things done. As I was winding down I decided to check out a movie about Conan O'Brien. He was figuring out what to do with the time he had to wait until he could legally be on T.V. again. He and his team spent about 6 months going on tour and creating the best of what they thought they could do for show business on the road. 

You would think that the movie would be joke after joke, but it was way more. First of all, I'm a big Conan fan. That guy puts on a great show and is hilarious to watch. But as the film progresses you see more than a person that kills the crowd with good jokes. You get to see a wondeful human being with a family who is OBSESSED with his art

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