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Obsidian therapy and Science of Mind - my healing tools

Hello co-creators,

One beautiful co-creator made a very interesting question that wanted to respond through a blog post.
I think I haven't gone deep in my healing tools and maybe this is the time to do it! Thanks to Mona to ask the question :)

Obsidian therapy is an holistic therapy to heal based on the obsidian stone.  This therapy was developed by a Mexican researcher and spiritual driven woman who, is helping in this moment to many women and men from Mexico and all around the world.

The therapy is wide and works according to the sickness that you show. In my case, I had abnormal cells in my pap results, this was for almost 1 year. My doctors followed closely in order to see the progress and i took the decision to take the therapy from Mexico (I live in Canada).  This therapy works from your emotions.  Obsidian is a stone that is known to work with your subconscious mind, so the work is done when it reflects all your emotional and maybe unknown problems hidden in your subconscious and materializing in a physical sickness.   After three months of distance work with my obsidian stones and a therapist of obsidian from Mexico, I heal myself the abnormal cells.  

What we found out in therapy is I was avoiding grief after the death of my mother, and many issues came to the surface, that I even didnt remember.    

In my experience, it is an effective and very powerful technique of work.  I was trying to be positive but I didn't know what I was carrying in my mind to materialize the sickness.  My therapy was just gorgeous.   As per the things u use is basically obsidian stones, provided from Mexico, a therapist and the wish to heal.  In my specific healing, I used "osiris" which is an intra-vaginal stone that is really really powerful.  There is actually a book of this stone with hundreds of patients healed, from cancers to other kind of complications.  Even when I healed myself, now I continue with obsidiana, because I'm finding more and more issues that I want to heal before they are sickness!! So all is fine!

As per SOM or science of mind! This is really the best spiritual practice I have ever found! This is not a religion but a practice which many people has received wonderful blessings, they come from Louise Hay, Rev. Michael (who performed in the secret movie) etc.  Ernst Holmes is the creator and is soooo awesome that you can't stop once you know it.  If you like Louise Hay or Rev Michael, then you like SOM.  I could say is one of the roots of the "secret".

A spiritual treatment is basically what you observe in the You can Heal your Life book, all the affirmations stated in the book are spiritual treatments, which are more powerful than affirmations in the sense that you are sure that you can get or do anything just to be part of Universe. It is wonderful.

This is my healing experience co-creators! I'm still creating and designing my life, and I'm so happy to share in this place!

Life is God

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Comment by LLightWorker on January 26, 2012 at 1:11am

Hello co-creators!

My therapist just wrote me saying he can give sessions in English (maybe for some things, words would need to be clarified, but he is able to do it).

So, if you want more information, feel free to send me a private email and we can continue communication there!

Thank you!!

Comment by Mona on January 25, 2012 at 9:28pm

That would be great. Please do let me know, I would like to pursue further considering Archangel Michael has also been showing up in my healing work... esp with the Doreen Virtue Cards. and Color therapy that I did last fall.

With Love n Gratitude


Comment by LLightWorker on January 25, 2012 at 9:22pm

Good afternoon co-creators!! Thanks for your comments.  I think universe has many ways of healing, and when it comes the time for yours, it comes.   When I decided to take the obsidian therapy, I knew nobody who I can ask my doubts, so I was guided by faith, because Obsidiana (spanish name) is protected by Archangel Michael.

Michael is my protector, so, definitely he guided me to this healing.  Obsidian is a stone that deserves respect, as per the intensity of the work involved, so must be guided by a professional.  Now with my experience, I can tell it really works and heals not only physical sickness but all your energetic system.

Of course, if any one is interested to know more about this therapy, I can give more details, and I can ask my therapist if he speaks English LOL.  I will be glad to provide information!  

Thanks co-creators!!

Comment by Mona on January 25, 2012 at 4:34pm

Wow!!! Very interesting indeed!!! Do you also attend the SOM church? Thank you for taking the time to share, and if someone is interested in the stone; how does one get access to it?

Comment by vanessa on January 25, 2012 at 1:34am

Wow this sounds interesting! I have been interested in crystals for a while and I collect different ones at home.

I also like the idea of healing issues before they turn into physical sicknesses, that would be amazing if all healing was done this way.

Thank you for sharing this!

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