The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I started off great with the 100 day challenge (today is D15 S1) and have been doing phenomenal and have been extremely happy until I completely went through 5 days of detoxification that have been tougher than anything physically I have ever experienced. Due to my goal to lose weight and concentrate on eating raw foods, my body started this massive detoxification process, which is, of course, positive however the result was feeling awful, almost depressed, both physically and emotionally and I have been surrounded by negative thoughts and feelings the past 5 days and have come off my super excited co creator track. Ok. Enough of that now. NOw is the start of my refoccusing and I will have a wonderful new, emotionally well and motivated day, reaching my goals tomorrow 1) mediating 2) grateful list 3) 1h sport activity 4) eating healthy and mostly raw foods 5) feeling happy and positive :-)))

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Comment by J. E. on January 31, 2010 at 6:33am
Hallo Karina

I am very impresse by you courage and energy
I hope you are doing well!
Keep up the great work!

James Evers - founder of the page 100 Tage Herausforderung in Deutschlande

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