The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Perhaps the title is most familiar with Everyone & even expeirienced well. everyone looks for a stress-free life. so sometimes it may happen that why have to do this work? Is there any short-cut way to get out of this loads of work ? Right ???

The same thing expeierenced today & on 10th january. on 10th january, in the evening was mood-less.i dont want to do anythin.Because there are lots of work standing against me & like axking-"HEY, when will you complete me??" . & from many days my left eye was blinking so it was like message for me that something would happen that you wonlike. so in the evening,I was just disturbed because whatever i was expecting was not at all happening. so i was completely worried that what wrong i had done. instead i adoimg many things to improve my life while others who even dont do anything & just happy living.where am struggling for mY life & still i am not getting peace?? WHY??? i once get l leave all this work and just to enjoy. Ofcourse i am not gonna to do tha but still...

Then after today also, I didn't get what i want. But later on i got the point that without work there is no existance of you and me.Without work, your dream would be powerless just an idea. but if you have done work on that, you could say that this is right or this is wrong.Oh i made midtake.Let me correct it.Without work you dont even have a "dream". Because if you are thinking it means you are doing mental work.If you are seeing, it means you are working to see. it's called one type of 'karma(WORK)'. so even athinking Not to work, for that m working!!!!

*Actually it's a human's mistake that he consider physical stress-as a work. Whatever we are doing-seeing,talking,hearing,dancing,singing,bathing,brushing is working...just we don't like to do physical work. But the truth is that all kind of works are equal. there are many who dont like mental exnd your view and see the thing from the root. so there is no world wit out work acually. and about loving work-start loving your dream, you will fall in love with work..
thank you GOD that on birthday of swami vivekanandji,i could upload his concept. actually to see from root & from spirituality ,i learned from him...Have a spiritual birthday!!!!

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Comment by krunal parmar on January 13, 2012 at 3:14pm

thank you vanessa!!! god bless you

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