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I continue on my path, toddling about if you will....finding balance and playing with it again, being balanced and stretching until i wobble again, being balanced and then working myself over the edge.. WHEN will I have this illusive balance all for myself!!  Environmental factors are still real, but my choices that assist are real too..the lack of sleep..that’s obviously my responsibility. no balme tho. Progress is unavoidable. Routines and regular same ol blues for whatever reason ARE avoidable with a little awareness....once again, wobble wobble wobble, and balance..... one more month of teaching here and then...Hospice at the beach!!! all of this is daunting for many many reasons..Challenges of a new job in hospice brings some worries (especially for people that worry for me...YIKES!!!)  looking for a new place..I really see that know that I am farther on the path and i have manifested and created so much and made so much progress, i find it more challenging than ever before to work up the decidedly positive enegery that MAKES stuff happen. AS i get farther  down the path I get caught up in all the WHAT IFS....WHAT WHAT WHATS...that didn’t even exist BEFORE all my success...AHhhhhhh balance... you got me again. Just as I thought I was done..more stretching and learning to be done.  Thats what I love this website! CCOR always reminds me of the reality that is soooooo real in our lives when we decide to look beyond those old molds that try to keep us safe.  I stole these intentions from a friend on here...making them my own today...EXPECAILLY the first one. BELIEVE when you have seen it as real..BELIEVE IT IS...and DO NOT FORGET IT...EXPECT THOSE MIRACLES>..I have seen HUNDREADS...yet my rationale tries to rationalize them away....what a bunch of bull.... LOVE TO YOU CCOR!!!


-Love life and expect miracles to happen everyday, because I have proven they will and do happen.

-Give of myself to the world as much as possible, creating balance.

-Appreciate everything received.

-Learn from every moment.

-Slow down and be in the moment.

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Comment by Love! on April 5, 2011 at 1:56pm
I love this post! Thank you :)

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