The 100 Day Reality Challenge

ok.. Attracting Negative?/ I Gave Beth this Advice.. can Someone add to this.. Better Advice Go to HEr Discussion ok

Personally I think.. each person.. accept of course with little babies who are 1000000% innocent.. So, I may have issues, you may have issues and I either get blocked , not attractiong.. based on my fears, insecurities,other false believes, negative selftalk etc.., or my associations, and there energy.. I can feel caring, kindness, and support.. and I can feel ,anger, jealousy, and insecurity.. Some people want to hurt others knowingly or unknowingly.. either to Control others for what they beleive is the other persons benifit.. or hurt them.. because they have no sense of Love for themselves or others.. I think it is up to the Universe however we are all apart of that Universe.. I am aware that I am a Positive child/ now adult of the Universe, and God./ and the Angels Love and Support me.. I have Rights.. and I have Love.. and a Positive Natural Spirit.. We All Do.. So, it's about Healing, Changing our thoughts, and Behaviour patterns.. and Trusting the Goodness, and Love Energy in the IUnivers.. and Sharing these Concepts with others.. To other Adults/Family children.. and the media.. Increase our Self Esteem, know who we are, areGifts/ Talents, abilities, Choose to be loving, and kind/ forging.. and Positive Health.. and with our Connection to the Spirit.. attract what our true desires are.. even if it something small at first.. Beaware of all the Changes, and Beauty.. in Yourself, and the Universe.. and Try to be the Best person You can BE.. knwing that You Deserve All that is possible!! This idea needs to be Promoted more.. Love, Peace, Great Health, Wealth.. and Live Your DREAMS!!! "Positive Vibes, and Feelings"
Hope this Helps a little;
Watch Marianne Williamson;
and go onto Unity in Sacremento.. I think, a Spiritual Adviser and Be more Informative
Okay.. thanks
Give Beth on her Discussion some Good Anwers Please.. We Can All Benefit from that Question

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