The 100 Day Reality Challenge

OMG I passed the half way mark and did not even notice! Day 40-58 - Season 5

Where did December go? It swooped through and left gifts and then was gone.

Well since my last post, I have decided on New Years eve I will set the intention of releasing Michael in the new year. I may not know how it will happen, or when, but I choose to release him.

Mike has been doing some distant EFT on the fears, tears and sadness around that for me that I was not able to let go of on my own and I do not feel as sad or worrisome about it. This past month has been a busy time for me. Lots of competition entering for my hobby as December is the busiest month. Lots of releasing to do with relationships. Lots of awareness regarding money and this past week fears and issues around 'aging' and my 'physical appearance' have swooped in 'all of a sudden'. So I am doing EFT on a photo of me, started yesterday and made up my own script. I was even considering plastic surgery something I would never want to do so I am doing EFT to accept and love the changing landscape of my face and to let the inner light shine from within again.

My challenge has still been ongoing. I have had a break from my book this past month and intend to edit beginning January 1st. I am exercising through walking, meditating daily and doing eft daily too. I am also visualising daily now.

Christmas for me was kind of sombre for the most part, primarily because the inner child in me wanted to play and have fun, but Mike is not into Christmas at all and I am fairly isolated for company so I had to make the best of it by just listening to classic fm and entertaining myself. 2013 feels exciting but I am also aware of previous new years where my expectations for the following year have been high and the experience has been different to my expectations. Yet I know looking back I am building stable foundations to move forward from.

I had many dreams with snails which represent slow steady progress and the ego does not like slow steady progress, but for me, to move forward on my own into my independent life as an empowered woman, alone, I feel the past few years of steady consistent inner growing is probably more worthwhile than anything.

So 2013. I know what I would like to happen but I am going to keep taking the steps I need to take as they come to me.

I intend to do a 2013 intention video instead of a blog probably over the weekend, it feels good to speak them out for the new year.

Hope you are all well, hope to catch up soon,

Hugs and love

Kelly xxx

P.S: Forgot to say DECEMBER 21ST was one powerful day high energy quite amazing!

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Comment by Dyshauna Young on December 28, 2012 at 10:10pm

December 21st was powerful for me too! I thought it was just me.

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