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Dear Co-creators!

Time for my monthly relaxation group again this morning - I attracted two new members!

Trusting inspiration to dawn upon me when the time came, I had not done any preparation, as usual... And, once again, it showed up, naturally! Well, I did have the idea along the lines of gratitude, and I'm so totally grateful for how it all fitted in perfectly!

I introduced the principle of gratitude giving the example of my 6-year old daughter, and how I feel like giving her more presents when she appreciates the ones I give her, while I pout and don't want to buy any when she doesn't seem to care or worse: take them for granted (or beg me to buy her something, complaining I didn't do it for too long!!) I made the parallell that perhaps Life/the Universe/God reacts in the same way!

After a general muscular relaxation, I brought my dear friends into their own inner garden, and had them roam there for a while, and finally finding a nice tree to sit or lie down under. From there, I started a series of thanksgiving for the physical body, the senses, the riches of nature and in their lives, friends and family, their homes, their cars and anything else they might think of... Within this guided meditation, I invited them to "wake up", to find the art material of their choice next to them by the tree, and they each realized an art object to represent the beauty of this gratitude (paintings, drawings, sculptures...). When leaving the garden, they could either leave this object or bring it with them - I like to give this kind of options, because some people feel frustrated about leaving it, and others may get practical worries how to bring it with them, which could break the mood...

They all came back rested, happy and thankful, once again I regret not having taken a before and after photo of each of them! But the look on their faces was my reward for taking the time to do this wonderful job!

After that, my day ran smoothly, three energy massages in the afternoon, and one of them will definitely lead to more business, partly with expecting mothers, my dream target clientele!

And tonight I listened to a fantastic teleclass with Rebecca Marina, and discovered a new energy healing technique that I will integrate into my EFT and massage practice!

With all this, I'm off to bed... Tomorrow I have a very important day - I have a date with myself! Can't remember when that happened last!!!

Sweet dreams to you all, and thank you for being here, so that we can all savour our sweet dreams come true!

Love & Light & Thankfulness,

: ) Maria

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