The 100 Day Reality Challenge

That's how I gotta do things right now.
One day, one moment at a time.
Tragedy makes you very present but it allows you to see the little ways
in which you are provided for. I can trust that things will always work out
even when I don't see a way how.

Right now, I'm trying to manifest grounding. I set up a little meditation
altar in my room and I'm making a little bit of time each day to connect
spiritually. I think that's important for me.

I really don't know what the future will hold for me but I'm applying for
my master's in speech communication which was my undergraduate
field of study. I had always hoped to become a professor but got side
tracked. My father's death has really made me yearn for a way out of
corporate life and a job that makes a difference. Helping people
communicate better is something I enjoy. I was a national champion in
public speaking while in college and I've worked considerably as a
writer. I'm hoping to merge these two fields as a professor and maybe
one day, an author. A friend of mine runs a small publishing company
and if I can get myself together with the help of the universe I'm going
to finish a book I had started.

What else... I'd like to manifest more ease of finances. Today a coworker
gave me a pretty ring which was nice. My health seems to be picking up
which is interesting considering all the strain I've been under. I really feel
like people's prayers have been holding us up during this time. My mom's
doctor told her that her cancer is gone she just has to finish radiation -
we really need to manifest a way to keep her insured in an affordable

And i haven't given up on my music. I wrote one new song since this has
all happened and I really hope to make music and money with my band
next year. 2008 was undoubtedly one of the most trying times of my life -
but it's almost done and I have made it and I am feeling stronger than
ever. Today I celebrated six months of sobriety as well - which is amazing
considering the circumstances. My story has inspired people already,
I got a hug from a grown man tonight who doesn't even know me - he told
me that my story brought tears to his eyes. You see my father and I
repaired a broken relationship before he died. And I think it's so fitting that
he left a Christmas present on my chair the day he died.

I've realized you can't change when people will die, these things just happen.
We truly never know when our world will flip upside down. Accepting what is
provides me a sense of solace because you simply can't undo death. It is
too finite. Regrets will get you nowhere. All you can do is choose to live your
life better.

The speech I gave at my father's funeral is here:

Thanks for everyone's love and support. I am vowing to continue to focus
on manifesting more love and light into my life along with health and
prosperity for my family. I really want to do good things for my mom
and hope that I can be blessed financially so I can bless her because she's
had a hard life and deserves a break. I'm even going to apply to some
home improvement shows to see if we can manifest getting the house
fixed up and repaired.

Keep us in your prayers and meditations.

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Comment by M on December 31, 2008 at 12:54am
you are so awesome my dear friend. you are truly an inspiration. congratulations on your 6 months anniversary. it was through you that the universe spoke to me. telling me i was abusing alcohol and made me a promise. for this i am thankful..that the universe brought us back on the same path.

i didn't see you at work today. i hope your day went well. i wont be in until friday so i hope to see you then.
Comment by Lilou on December 30, 2008 at 3:30pm
you are a powerful manifestor. your thoughts creates your reality.

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