The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Yesterday I went to a local networking meeting that was, to say the least, AWFUL!

The speaker was horrendous and the information beyond basic although the truly horrifying part was that most of the group found it cutting edge!!

I had been to these events before so knew what I was in for but the reality of it frustrated the hell out of me. wasn't a total loss.

I did my 60 second pitch and the end result was:

It looks as though 2 of the members will be coming along to my event later this month.

I was asked to be a speaker for the group in Nov (this is deep in my target market so a good opportunity).

I sold 3 books.

A lady from the local council has asked me to be involved in some stuff for Business Week in August.

It also looks as though I may have made a good contact or two to be able to use in my business.

In the wash-up not too bad a result!

I do need to do more networking, I'm good at it and even though I find it tiresome at times I def always come away with something positive.

My first upcoming event is filling and the other dates are also starting to fill so on track for success in filling my next mastermind program in July.

Life is good!

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Comment by Heather Marie on May 28, 2015 at 12:47am
glad everything worked out towards your intentions.

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