The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Other uses for floral waters such as Honeysuckle Flower Water

After you have left your floral water in the sun for 5+ hours you can also use it for other things!

1. Place in final rinse cycle as a spring fabric softener

2. Place in cake mixes  and rice instead of regular water

3. Place in ice cube trays and use to flavor tea

4. Place in small dishes outside mixed with a spoon of sugar for the bees, butterflies, and ants as a treat

5. Use instead of regular water mixed with nectar in the hummingbird feeders. ( They will tell 40 more little friends)

6. Make fragrant room spritzers by placing in spray bottles. Instantly changes to mood of the room!

7. Cooling facial toner

8. Use in bath water to raise your energy/ vibration levels

9. Place in mop water to clean the floor

10. Use it in other recipes such as breads, cookies, and snacks!

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