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I was just thinking about my behavior today. Journaling is a good way to reflect on what you have done or not done throughout your day to accomplish your goals. It is also a good way, as the Power of Now says, to take control of your thoughts. You are not the summation of your thoughts. To stand outside your thoughts and your mind, through meditation and reflection, is like getting off of the merry-go-round of your life and looking at the big picture. Observe yourself and your recent behavior. What you like and don't like. I have been so busy lately starting my business, that I have not had the time to do this, but I have trained my mind to think of the merry-go-round as often as I can and reflect back to it throughout my day. Today was an exception. I was pissed off, frustrated, and livid that I could not get my website designer and provider to work together to accomplish my goals. I am feeling the pressure now because my website is not finished, and I start a marketing campaign on Wednesday that will reach 250,000 people a week. Sometimes when this happens, you have to tell yourself: 1) You have a right to feel this way-- it's a normal reaction;
2) You have to pull yourself in emotionally and "get off the merry-go-round" for a second and get your focus back on track; 3) You have to ask yourself: " what can I do NOW, in the present moment, that will take a step, no matter how small, to change and fix the situation; An 4) How can I "shift my mental state of being" to a positive one, connected with Source, to get the energy flowing in the right direction again. Whew! I'm tired and all worn out! It took me all day, and writing this, to realize what I knew I had to do all along... Peace. Sunsurfer

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Comment by Rebecca on April 13, 2008 at 2:30pm
I understand that "the frustration, resentment, etc" is not the real you, not your awareness. The one who heard it is the "real you" or your source. The one who recognized that you need to get off the merry go round is. Am I correct? So, in actuality, maybe this is a "trained" reaction brought in by past events and defined by the "ego", and of fear (which is something the ego uses to create an "us against them" stance. Author: Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth) and, of course, many other books I have read that say the same. I am very much trying to understand this thing because I am honestly just starting and my changes in perception of "God, Universe, Divine Consciousness" is so new to me. Please, if you have any suggestions on other books or anything that would be good for defining things, I would LOVE to hear it. And by the way, I love the analogy of the "Merry Go Round" states my life perfectly. I am so "busy" inside my head, and, of course, externally with physical life. I look forward to your blogs. Thank you so much for being a friend! :)
Comment by Lisa on March 15, 2008 at 6:38pm
You totally hit it with the "merry-go-round" comment! It often takes me quite awhile to realize the majority of my frustration is caused by thinking the situation ought to be different than it is. What if the delay is saving me from greater heartache down the road? What if I'm supposed to cool my heels here for a bit so I can cross paths with somebody? What if this is actually unfolding exactly the way it's supposed to...? Like I said, I don't always zip right to these questions. But when I do...ahhhhhh... I realize I'm always in the right place at the right time... :-)
Comment by JGAshley on March 11, 2008 at 8:09am
thank you for sharing...this so was the reminder i needed today to get off the merry go round and connect back with source and flow energy positively :)
Comment by Giia Weigel on March 10, 2008 at 11:52pm
These days happen to all that are still walking the path :) But one thing that has always helped me is the constant reminder of "there is nothing wrong in the Universe". As I am also "it", that means that all that happens is merrily heading the right way, me and my worries are the only things holding it back :D Let go and let self (the mindless, thoughtless, universal bit).
Thanks for sharing!!
And best of luck in your venture of course :)

Comment by Jennifer on March 10, 2008 at 11:46pm
It sounds like, all in all, a really productive day! Keep at it!
Comment by Lynn Reidl on March 10, 2008 at 11:44pm
Absolutely correct! Love hearing the words from someone other than myself. Little things can add up. Today it was traffic and being behind schedule for I just took deep breath, put one ipod headphone in and listended to Deepak Chopra :) congrats on your awareness and best of luck with the techie stuff ~
Comment by Danya on March 10, 2008 at 11:37pm
Congrats for a wonderful day of Awareness!
Much Love,

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