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Paris Hilton, my unlikely new inspiration

I was flicking through the channels over Christmas and I came across 'Fearne Cotton meets Paris Hilton' and in it Ferne hangs around with Paris for a weekend or something to see what her life is like. My partner groaned when I stopped flicking to watch it just a little bit - I just caught the tail end where Paris was being paid to appear at a club. Later, in the limosine, Fearne must have commented on how people might be critical of the way Paris made so much money with seemingly little effort. Paris replied 'I love my work, I love being creative, I love making people smile and I love making money!!!'

What a fantastic mantra! I'm going to use it - in fact, I already have been.

I love my work, I love being creative, I love making people smile and I love making money!!!

One of the things that I think is interesting in our culture is our new definition of celebrity. Again, there are many critics who complain that new celebrities don't seem to have any exceptional talent, and in the recent past I've been one of them. Some people seem to become wealthy and famous just by being who they are, and people are drawn to them. I'm starting to realise that its a wonderful illustration of the LOA at work. I imagine its the individual's vision, positivity and self-belief we are drawn to - or whatever qualities they have that vibrate in harmony with us.

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Comment by Claudia on January 1, 2010 at 2:07pm
Doreen Virtue says that Paris is an 'Incarnated Elemental' - or in other words a faerie incarnated in a human body. Apparantly they are very good at manifesting :-)
Comment by Nicole Bedard on December 31, 2009 at 5:47pm
She IS an unlikely inspiration- but I too have recently seen her on tv (on ellen last week). She was sooo bubbly and happy. She literally bounced with each step she took. She really seems to just enjoy life and lives it to her FULLEST. That is a GREAT mantra!!!

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