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Parking Gods and Purrim - Day 59- Season four

A while back, a friend of mine (co-worker), told me about a prayer for the Parking God – or Higher Power or what ever you are comfortable with…but who ever is in charge of parking needed a talking to, in my behalf.

And for a while, since I started invoking the recommended prayer – or closest facsimile there of – I put an Abraham Spin on my prayer and I even wrote a poem – rhymed parking meter with quarters to feed’er – In any case…I’ve been getting great results.

First, I started getting parking spots on the block of my apartment building. Then I started getting spots on the right side of the street, or remembering when Ash Wed was, or getting a spot on the right side, right in front of the house, when I had groceries. My favorite is the string of meters that have been on fail fro the last two weeks. Right in front of my store! Helps during a blizzard.

There is something I’m leaving out- probably due to embarrassment. I lost the key to the garage, AGAIN! I’ve been too lazy and cheap to get another, because I don’t mind parking on the street. I also hate my spot in the garage. It took out my bumper – well I’m blaming the pole.

I know I should ask for a closer spot, but the truth is, I rather just let the occasional transient who needs a spot – give me the $$ and park there. I always find a street spot, and I like the extra $$

That being said, I’ve had some car related setbacks. Spots that were hard to get out of…Geraldo My Doorman helped me.

A dead battery – but that WAS probably my fault. Anyway…that was when I was parking inside. That was a whole ordeal in itself

But during that incident , I managed to make a friend out of the tow-truck guy, which came in handy today. – Also sold a sofa to the guy who parked next to me –although that did not have the greatest ending.

OK back to the car in it’s current crazy mode.

First Geraldo My Doorman dug the wrong car out of the mountain of snow it was under…

The owner of a Gray Chevy must be so happy…wonder what God he prayed to?

As a matter of fact several people have helped me get out of some pretty slippery spots the last couple weeks – but none of these guys noticed the nail that was in the rear tire on the driver’s side. That happened this morning, after I finally pulled the right car- my green Honda - onto Jewel Avenue. I was on my way to pick up Cat Food, and see my mother.

I heard a familiar sound – a bad one – Not exactly like the rattle when I had the blowout on the Grand Central Parkway…but a distant cousin kind of noise

I rolled down the window and asked a passerby if my rear tire was flat. “Like a pancake” lady, he shrugged, and moved on.

Well I pulled over my car to a – you guessed it a primo spot on Queens Blvd. Parking God – St. Mercedes still doing her thing. Two blocks from my house. Called the triple AAA and let The Universe deal.

First good sign – even though I used up all my roadside visits – They gave me a complimentary one, for being a good customer. And I was going to pay…I didn’t even complain, when they told me there might be a fee…. Well The Universe handed me a freebie…one after the other.

Anyway- the same tow driver from the dead battery event was dispatched today to help me locate and then change the tire. Sorry girls and boys – I’m 58 – and it was sleazy, or do I mean sleety out there? I’m not changing anything except perhaps, my outfit, when it comes to car stuff!

Somehow, I knew I had a donut in the lower compartment in the trunk- but I knew I couldn’t get it out without help.

This guy, Vini just smiled, as we transferred the 20 pairs of shoes, that I keep in the trunk. He won a 12 pack of Pepsi – also in the back of my trunk. The Diet Pepsi exploded one morning, what with temperature drops – well ok -only one can- but that made me wary - I’ve been bring free soda cans to people who are worthy, for quite sometime. But the 12 pack has been sitting there, and I was about to leave it on the side of the road, when Vini showed up in the 123 Tow.

Anyway – lucky for Vini- I had cashed my check this morning – I’m usually on the verge of broke- but not this morning. So I got to tip Vini, for today, and the other times, tooJ Not just soda!

Then I went over to a local gas station with the Donut and let the guy fix the tire. He told me, I didn’t need a new one – I don’t understand the logic behind that – don’t bother – I think of tires like panty hose – one run and you can fix it with nail polish – but I’d rather buy a new pair. It feels and looks better:0

Well the guy said he didn’t want to take all my money –I’m a little suspicious-

Maybe he didn’t have new tire there? I don’t know- I’m in sales – I don’t take more money that I have to, but if I see some one ready and willing, I say sure. So, Kamal fixed the tire, while I went shopping across the street at Trader Joe and Michaels. Cat Food and Teriyaki Chicken for The Big Girl.

Well, like I said, I did cash that paycheck. The M-Cats have enough food for the next Blizzard, that’s for sure

So if I didn’t mention it – I’m taking the rest of the day – to tidy up and thaw out – the chicken that is –

As for the car, I found a spot, right in front of the building, despite the mountains of snow that still dot the street. By tomorrow, they should all wash away. And the gentleman in front of me – turns out he just moved in to the building and he’s looking for an indoor spot … I have the perfect spot, just for him!

OK…Happy Purrim to All

Update – just rented the indoor spot for the entire month to the guy in the building…shhh

And found another legal parking spot in front of the building.


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