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Season 12 will be this January 1st and I am wanting to start off next year with setting really good intentions that I am actively working on. 

In the meantime, I have several projects that I am in the middle of now that I want to have finished up or mostly done by the start of Season 12 so I can start fresh. Here is what I am working on now: 

1. NaNoWriMo - I am rewriting a book that I had self-published in 2007 that is actually turning into a whole new format and taking a lot longer to write than I first intended. I decided to enter NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer's Month) for this year to help me finish it quickly. I am more than halfway through and about 5000 words short of my goal, but I intend to do a writing marathon to finish it. 

2. Minecraft Minions - I am writing my third book and hope to get it illustrated with the cover and everything next week so that it is ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I am on Chapter 3 of 10 and hope to do a marathon this weekend to finish it up.

3. Audiobooks - I just published my first audiobook for the Minecraft Minions series and it takes 10 - 14 days for it to be distributed. It is the 10th day on that timeline, so I am hoping that it is published by the end of this weekend so that I can set it up as a free gift with the purchase of the Minecraft Minions books.

4. Udemy - I have a goal to record a short course by the end of the year. Creating courses is really time intensive and equipment intensive, but I think I have all of the tools I need to get started. I am very intimidated by this process, but I believe that once I get over this initial intimidation, I will do very well at it.

5. Blog posts - I have two blogs that I am consistently posting in with the intention of being able to create affiliate marketing revenue. They are monetized blogs and my hope is that they help to steer my speaking and coaching efforts.

6. SkittlezBucket - I have a fun project of recording video gameplay under my YouTube name SkittlezBucket, the name that I write my books under for Minecraft Minions. I am really excited about this project and I hope to begin recording once per week at first for a solid 30 minutes in a podcast type format. I will start this process really soon. I do have my children saying, "I found Top, Zop and Crud!" when they play Minecraft because of the books I am writing and I am secretly hoping that this trend catches on and I am able to make that viral somehow lolol. 

7. Finances - This is a huge topic right now for me because I am trying to bridge the gap in all of the things I am missing in my financial education outside of credit. I have done a great job recovering my credit in the past, so I am confident there, but I am missing some other vital pieces of that puzzle in order to save my money, route funds to their proper places and pay all of my bills ahead so that I'm not living check-to-check. So far, I have a plan that I have been sketching out and tweaking and implementing and it seems to be doing a good job so far. 

I can see myself completing at least 4 of those by Season 12. So I may not be posting too much consistently in the meantime. I will leave some updates and let you know how they're going, but I will put the majority of my energy into getting ready for Season 12 and the new year :) 


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Comment by Burcie Martin on December 6, 2015 at 8:13pm
Wow! I am truly impressed by all of your accomplishments. I am just beginning my first season. I look forward to reading more inspirational post like yours. Blessings.


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