The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My name is Maria Graham and I am a targeted individual.

I am a victim of multiple workplace mobbings and community harassment.

I have been blacklisted and psychologically abused by my community and shut out of employment for illegal reasons.

I had left a company on good terms; keeping the obvious harassment and departure confidential and protecting the original perpetrators.

They have left me in a state of financial destitution with no income to survive. I am in desperate need of money to buy food, pay my bills, and of course have shelter.

I have never caused any problems in my community nor have I ever been involved with any illegal activities, I am simply a person who works hard, is good at their job, and a target of envy and pointless outrage.

I am hoping to collect what I would have made since the snowball of harassment took place; that would be two years worth of income.

In reality, I am worth so much more. I have many skills and I consider myself a model employee. I would be a great contributor to any organization and I have tried desperately to find employment, only to be placed on an illegal blacklist for NO REASON!

By supporting me, you will not only be helping me to pay my bills, but you will also assist other targeted individuals as this will be my lifetime cause.

Asking for donations is not giving up on my job search.

Based on several job interviews that have taken place, I am not confident of having safe, trauma free job interviews. As many of them have been useless and devastating. This applies to jobs in my field as well as those outside of my regular occupation.

I truly believe in earning every penny I make. However, what has happened to me should never have taken place. I am in a situation that I no longer trust or feel secure after being harassed. Is every job interview a waste of time? Does anyone follow the law or have respect for human rights?

Can a person have faith in those around them if they have been treated in such a harsh way unnecessarily and illegally by professionals who should know better? I haven't experienced anything that would allow me to think so.

Me being patient is not to be questioned. This has gone on for so long, that I no longer have any faith in anyone and I'm left in a very fragile emotional state. After explaining my issues by showing that I am 100% guilt free, I still suffer from mistreatment from the community. Patience is NOT the issue.

This “destroy Maria” campaign has even spread through other communities which makes looking for work in another location a nightmare.

One can not feel peaceful or have confidence with a job search in an environment that has shown such hostility.

After a long and pointless job search, I don't know what to believe.
I am left in the dark on how to proceed further.

My name is now Maria Graham. Until this becomes formal through the social security administration, I must still use my maiden name on all legal documents. That is why my name is Gordon on my GoFundMe Campaign.

The money that I receive will go to housing rent, car payments, car repairs, the IRS, regular bills, paying back my mother, and to continue our ongoing financial obligations.

Thank you for your help.

Maria Graham

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