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Positive feed back in my professional area :)

Even when this coming year (2013) will be a year of loving myself, I must say things are doing great in my professional area.

I love US I must admit even when I live in Canada, everything go so smooth in this country that I feel at home when I come to visit my family here.


I received terrific news in regards to my studies :) My studies evaluation was just great and I got a good result to get the CPA in the US. This is a big step in my professional career and gives me self-confidence that Canada took away with so many steps and delays for my development as an accountant. I'm really happy and satisfied with that.


I'm as well thinking how to fit this with my wish to be a Spiritual Coach - in angels, I receive some insights some times, but I have understood that I must go little by little, eat the cake with patience and allow the Universe to unfold in the perfect way. 

I understand I must work in my prosperity changing my thoughts and my feelings about money, breaking all that negative and limited concepts I have had so far... is not an easy step but I certainly can do it.


I'm happy to be back !


Life is Good

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Comment by Raizel on November 29, 2012 at 5:57pm

Wonderful! Congratulations on your achievement! :)

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