The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am so tired of thinking negatively. I am tired of it because there are only some times that is good to hate the part of me that does not will to be happy go lucky and just face the facts that it is more loving to be self hating sounding then it is to try and force myself to say something that feels like a lie. Life is so paradoxical and I will to move and put my energy towards all the positive ways of being I will my life to be! Put myself out there! Put myself in a better place that I have never been you know why? Because I did it in all the ways I was taught which is not what I will for any longer... it has served its purpose! Now I say MOVE ON!!! Go towards a better light! Move into the discomforts of singing and dancing in front of people. Move into the smiles and joys of telling my heart I love me or taking deep breaths no matter what I am doing because it will always better me! There are just some things that for the most of my life will always just better me! Dancing and breathing will never get old until I decide to leave my body I will do it in spirit and thought! There is nothing that can stop me anymore except divine timing! and to that I say HURRAY!!! I am glad the only thing that will ever force me to be in a different state is my own inherent ability to be connected to the all that is! I will to do more with what I know! I am a physical body, not Just a spirit learning guru shit for the sake of hobbling in a hole and doing nothing with myself or the knowledge! Today I will go out and get the food that makes me feel good whether I feel like I need it to my core or I don't need it at all because of where I will to be. I am going to go do what is good for me and show myself what I need in the world by taking action upon my desires/ALL OF THE GOOD ONES! I know I can trust me... I know I can be better every day. I Know I can love me and that I DO LOVE ME! I know that I will succeed in expressing myself freely more and more often from the heart and to my self and others/the whole world! I will succeed! For the fact that I am eve writing this blog post is such a step up from last week were I feel like I did not know how to share me at all through my passions of writing and on here I am free to say and do whatever I want as I always am! I am freedom! I am wealth! I am compassion! Compassion, wealth and freedom is I Am and I AM!!!! I am forever more the greatest me that I ever can and will be. I love all of you and thank you for living in a life that is happening while I live mine. Every moment you love your own heart you are loving me too and all of us together. I am a child and equally a parent and all of you are children and equally parents and lets all create the world the way we will to see it! I am abundant! I am Strong! I am capable! I am willing! I am loving! I am caring! I am daring! I am brilliant! I am compassionate! I am nurturing! I am nice and kind! I am helpful! I am super funny! I am loads and loads of fun! I am freely acting! I am a point of action towards greatness! I am beautiful inside and out! I am believable and honest! I am authentic! I am smart! I am playful! I am a great singer! I am a fun super star of life in general and my every waking moment is like a blossoming tree or flower breathing the essence of life itself!!! I love love love love love!!!! Bliss is me as I am bliss!!! <3 

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