The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Post Season 7 - Start date 1st July 2015, end date 8th October 2015

My Intention for this season is to manifest a better more joyful and balanced life over the next 100 days.

These are the areas I will be working on and the goals I am setting

Finances - financial stability
A safe and reliable car of my own
Debt Free
In credit for my bills
Independent income of $1000 a week minimum consistently, working from home around my kids

Happy and healthy relationships
A healthy and passionate relationship with my partner
Loose routines lots of activities

Become an online coach helping sahm find balance and pretty moments in their everyday living.

Being able to generate a $1000 min income online easily around my home and family commitments

Health and wellbeing
Get my teeth fixed
More energy

Emotionally balanced

Charity involvement
Regular social outings
Self secure
Circle of positive supportive friends

Dream board
Daily journal
Nightly meditations before sleep
Afformations for the next 100 days

Why have I been gifted a new safe and reliable car that is has room for everyone.

Why am I financially stable and earning over $100 a week and debt free. Why are our bills constantly in credit.

Why am I a qualified coach with a thriving online coaching business which allows me to help others

Why is my relationship with my partner happy, mutually satisfying and respectful.

Why do I surround myself with like minded positive close friends.

Why do we live a more simplified life

Why do I enjoy eating all kinds of food with my new teeth implants

With all that in mind here are my intensions and goals for the next 100 days in a different kind of way.

This is my journal dated the 8th of October 2015.

As the last day of my 100 CCOR challenge comes to an end I look back on it with gratitude, appreciation and compassion.

I have so much to be grateful to the universe for that I can barely contain my joy and happiness at the changes that have manifested in my life and in the lives of those I love the most.

So thankyou!

Over the last 100 days i have received a safe and reliable car free which has given my boys and I more freedom to find new and fun adventures together.

I am now debt free and financially stable relying only on my own income which is now well over the $1000 I hoped for. I have been able to also keep our utility bills in credit and afford to simplify our home and allowed us to enjoy healthier meals.

With the coaching course and certifications I received for free I have been able to help so many of my sahm clients to find emotional balance which has meant that they are enjoying the life they live and live it with passion.

My relationships with all my children is more calm and stable as is our home environment.

I now find joy in my relationship with my partner emotionally, intellectually and physically

I have made and met some beautiful and positive people who I now call my friends and who I have the pleasure of seeing on a regular basis

I am able to enjoy pain free eating with my new teeth implants that I was able to get at a very low cost and on a payment plan from a dentist who isn't judgemental and truely cares about the wellbeing of his clients.

I am healthy and happier after getting hypnosis to kick my smoking habit and because of the fun exercise I now do regularly. My energy levels are at an all time high which has helped me to keep up with my two energetic boys.

The emotional balance I now enjoy gives me confidence in myself and motivates me to be productive and consistent throughout all areas of my life.

I am loving the independence of no longer being surrounded by people all day everyday and this makes the time we spend together special.

I have been humbled by the work I have been able to do for the charity and those we strive to help and love the work I am doing on the website and online for our group.

As I lay here thinking about the next journey I am so excited by the knowledge that this is my life now and that with each day I am truly living in this abundant world consistently living my life in love with passion resulting in more and more wonderful manifestations.

Things to do
- dream board
- split everything over 3 months
- set up afformation notifications on my phone
- buy new journal

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