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Praying successfully according to Neville Goddard (and me)

Anyone who prays successfully is, himself, the springboard of action and the one who grants the prayer. There is no other being to grant it. The one who receives the answered prayer is the one who grants it through the act of rearranging the mind. Learn to rearrange your mind and, if you find yourself walking in the field of unanswered prayers, turn around and walk in the field (mood) of fulfillment. And, remember, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” The only reality and the only substance is consciousness from which all prayer has its beginning and its end.

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Comment by Snigdha Jain on June 8, 2011 at 10:46pm



Thanks for all the links, i definitely will check them out.  and about facebook, im not on facebook coz i have a strict no social networking site policy (i very much do not like them :P) and also im going to the UK, city uni london to be specific, to do MA international Journalism this september, and trust me i have scoured the internet and city's website high and low! but thank u so much for all ur help and comments :)

Comment by David on June 8, 2011 at 7:53pm
Something I just found out about scholarships, at least in the USA is that the school you are considering going to MAY have a list of scholarships available..... have you checked with the school you are considering?
Comment by David on June 8, 2011 at 4:44pm

I created a group on Facebook called "Imaging Creates Reality"! If you would like to join let me know and I can add you. It is exclusively all about Neville Goddards teachings, I just started it like 4 or 5 days ago so it's still a relatively small group but it has his energy all over it.

Comment by David on June 8, 2011 at 4:29pm

I LOVE all 10 of his books and there are a few compilations of his lectures. I just came across this one recently and uploaded it on scribd.  ........ I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!


Also I edited his 10 books, highlighting the parts I liked best.... here is a link to them. 


Here are 2 books I compiled from some of the best literature on the LOA I have come across. and


I hope you enjoy these.

Comment by Snigdha Jain on June 8, 2011 at 2:39pm

Hey David,

Yes I LOVE to read, i have been pouring over neville's lectures for the past 5 months as it helps me keep on track. and i think i get it NOW, thank you thank you, i feel SO much gratitude coz i feel totally energised n more focused, also a lot of my doubts have been cleared. thanks so much again. i shall definitely let u know how easily i got it :) and of course thank u for ur part in it. looking forward to that book! :D

Comment by David on June 8, 2011 at 12:55pm

"Also, i had previously applied for a scholarship and didnt get it, of course i didnt broadcast this, nor did i let this get me down, but wenever anyone asks abt it, i just say, yeah its on its way.  coz if i believe i got it, thats wat i would say, also if i tell them i didnt get it, i have to listen to a whole lot of 'oh im sorrys' etc. so wat do i say if someone on the outside asks me abt it? wat ive been saying or do i say 'yeah i got it!' ?"


The hard part isn't in learning what to do... it is in APPLYING IT.


I can't tell another what to do.... I can tell them what I would do or what I have done.... even if I tell you what to do it is only telling you what I would do.


I desire NOTHING..... I don't tell anyone my desires.... because I have none..... I have EVERYTHING already.... ALL MY INNER CONVERSATIONS are of HAVING.... all my outer conversations are of a different nature..... I will speak of sports... weather... or whatever but NO DESIRES or WANTS or NEEDS.... that I take care of by MYSELF.... If I want a boat.... it's already mine.... I see myself docking it.... flying across the water in it.... hear my friends saying what a nice boat I have... SEE myself washing it, run my imgainary hands over it.... because THAT is where creation is taking place in my life. Actually everything is already created .. my job is to become AWARE of already having it..... and that is my only job.

Comment by David on June 8, 2011 at 12:40pm

You ask all very good questions from someone just starting out in learning what you are learning. The tricky part is in APPLYING what you know. I can tell you that you already know what you need to know.... the more you ask me the more you are convinced you do not have it inwardly. I was where you are right now FOR A LONG TIME... but I kept reading and kept studying and kept learning... ONE of the things I hagve learned is how hard it is to explain to another what to do.


It is truly a matter of disciplining our mind to stop beleiving what our senses are telling us and inwardly give birth to our imagination..... THAT takes time..... it would also mean NOT SEARCHING for your scholarship.... IF IN FACT YOU WANT TO LEARN TO MANIFEST.


What you are learning .... what I have learned... is that manifesting is an ART... it means OVERCOMING our urges to DO physcially and believe more in our imagination.


Ultimately the choice is YOURS. I can't make the decision for you.


Personally i would not tell "others" anything about it.... they will only introduce DOUBT in your mind as to whether or not it is real to you..... when the time is right THEY WILL SEE IT.... but until; such time your job is to believe you already have it..... have inner conversations all day long.... especially as you're going to sleep.... have the inner conversations with me if you want...... tell me (not here, inwardly) that you have it.... hear me say, that is great, I am glad to hear that and then tell me where you are going to school, hear me say WHATEVER YOU WANT ME TO SAY.... and BELIEVE IT.....


Our lives are being created within .... and our inner conversations are MAKING THEM MORE REAL than you know right now.


You WILL know what to do very shortly WITHOUT ASKING ME.... but you will have to experiement on your own..... learn from experience.... I can only help point the way for you. If I a=give you all the answers and they don't work you will have more doubt..... TRUST YOURSELF.


The less we tell others our intentions the more we can make them real ourselves. For example if I wanted a boat and i told 5 friends I was going to manifest a boat they would keep asking me if I got it.... I would have to say no..... but if I kept it to myself ALL INNER CONVERSATIONS..... never doubting.... only hearing what I wanted to hear NO ONE COULD PUT DOUBTR IN MY MIND IT IS MY BOAT RIGHT NOW.


Stick with it...... something BIG to know is keep your "FULFILLED DESIRES" a secret..... don't tell ANYONE about your scholarship..... but if you can all day long.... discipline your mind to have inner conversations every waking minute IN DETAIL.... of your already having it..... you play both people in your inner conversations.... make it positive..... hear yourself saying you have it.... that you got it last week..... hear your friend say how happy they are for you..... in your imagination.... without moving your body.... feel them give you a hug because you go it......


Remeber..... our world is taking shape according to our inner world...... right now from what you told me you have to believe a little more than what you do.


If it was ME..... I would stop looking.... because I ALREADY HAVE IT..... but my inner conversations would still have to go on..... hearing everyone tell me how happy they are for me and so on..... and then see yourself IN SCHOOL..... not thinking OF school.... thinking FROM BEING IN SCHOOL.... you have to be in your picture.... not thkning OF it.


It takes practice.... I think you have the will and desire to master this as much as anyone..... stick with it.....


Another thing to remember.... it;'s not sao much what you tell me or others with your words..... its what you ARE IN CONSCIOUSNESS..... what are you saying in your inner conversations? Are the ALWAYS from the premise of already having your desires?


Therein lies the great secret..... what you tell me and others doesn't matter..... what are you telling yourself and others INWARDLY..... where no one can here BUT YOU?


Everytime you fall and forget that it is your inner conversations that are creating your life..... get right back on track..... and ONE DAY you will relize like WE ALL WILL.... that our lives are being created from WITHIN OURSLEVES.


Stop belving in ANY POWER without.... no one can give you this scholarship BUT YOU.... no matter what anyone says THAT IS HOW IT WORKS..... those that say it doesn;'t don't know the truth.


Do you like to read? I have a book for you that is as good as any that Neville left with us..... let me know.

Comment by Snigdha Jain on June 8, 2011 at 11:56am
Also, i had previously applied for a scholarship and didnt get it, of course i didnt broadcast this, nor did i let this get me down, but wenever anyone asks abt it, i just say, yeah its on its way.  coz if i believe i got it, thats wat i would say, also if i tell them i didnt get it, i have to listen to a whole lot of 'oh im sorrys' etc. so wat do i say if someone on the outside asks me abt it? wat ive been saying or do i say 'yeah i got it!' ?
Comment by Snigdha Jain on June 8, 2011 at 11:40am

Every word you write literally blows me away. It's just soo "neville" for lack of a better word.  For me you're the modern day neville. yes im beginning to get wat you mean, so from now on i will only talk abt the scholarship as if i got it already! i have already implemented the inner conversation thing and i must say it is working wonders, i feel a whole lot better.  :)

I do realise i create my own reality, i know this stuff, and i do try and apply it, but i guess im letting my outer reality dictate what is going on inside.  so just for clarification, do i still keep on searching or stop? I mean if i already HAVE it, and its a fact, then i wouldnt go out searching for another one now would i? thats where i get confused, if its a fact within my world, should i just sit back and enjoy it (in my imagination) till some events lead me to it, or do i search keeping in mind i got it? The tricky bit is, and like u said i will have to master it, is FEELING i got it while still searching, wich again, is tough.  But im pumped up enough to stick with it no matter wat!

Again thank you! thank you thank you!!

Comment by David on June 8, 2011 at 9:29am

My purpose in life (because of my own personal experiences in life) is to walk around 24/7/365 seeing life the way my imagination sees life and not what my senses are or have been telling me.

The REASON for this is because I have experienced what I have experienced in life because of what I USED TO THINK.... well i no longer think like that and my world is and has been tramsforming BECAUSE of my new way of thinking. Not just because of what I SAY on this site or other sites.... but BECAUSE of my learniung ther PROPER use of my imagination..... I do not tell others I see a car in my driveway when in fact there isn't one.... bit I do see the car I CHOOSE to see in my imagination.... and to ME it is as real as the car others would see if there were a physcial car there for them to see.... but I don't need the phisical proof as others do... I have my proof.... my proof is that I can see it when I close my eyes, I can smell the new car smell, I can hear the motor purring, I can see and hear people telling me what a GREAT car I have.... and I don't talk about it, I never once doubt it is already mine, I don't tell people I am manifesting a car..... it all takes place in my imagination.... I hold conversations with others.... they tell me how much they like my car, I say thanks, you can have one too, they say how, and I proceed to tell them what I KNOW about believing in already having the life of my dreams.

We live in 2 worlds... the world of sense and the world of imagination. If we believe in the world of sense as being our reality then we are stuck with it..... but if we believe in the world WITHIN..... the MAGIC WORLD.... the world of IMAGINATION.... it will begin to take shape in our lives.... and you will THEN KNOW that YOU are the cause of EVERYTHING that happens in your life because of WHAT you believed in.... in already having or being.

Life is MEANT to be amazing..... once we grasp its TRUTH..... that WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR OWN EXPERIENCES by WHAT we believe.

And I LOVE that.... and i LOVE to share it with anyone who wants to know truth.

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