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Preparing for the "Living with an Open Heart"- Season

Living with an open heart means for me being sensitive to my intuition and to radiate conditionless love towards all people I meet. No judging, no prejudices, no ego-wars. But it also means more love towards myself - more respect to my needs and wishes. So this will be quite a challenge! Being five months pregnant will make it easy to feel the emotions. I am much more sensitive and emphatic than I was ever before. And I see it much earlier when someone crosses my line. The challenge for me is to find a balance between the self-love and the love to others. During my depression times I just cut off contact with others, concentrating on myself/ Ego - and during better, happier, times I totally forgot about my needs and tried to fulfill other people wishes and dreams. And so i drifted from one extreme to the other, knowing every time that´s something is missing and getting nowhere. Following my heart and my intuition will help me find a healthy balance and through this my life will grow and shine in every way.

Talking about shne :-) : Before the season starts I want to tidy up and "detox" my apartment. On Tuesday I will declutter, on Wednesday I will clean with lavender and orange oil cleansers and on Thursday I will start the day scenting and cleaning the rooms with holy smokes. It´s a long time ago since I have done this. It is really fun and the home really feels clear and fresh afterwards - and most of the nasty summer insects don´t like the smoke. I have some high quality holy smokes bought in a organic living store. If you settle for poor quality, it will take it´s revange in too much smoke, artificial smell and headaches. So it´s really worth paying a few Euros more.

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Comment by Sara Brown on August 17, 2009 at 4:52pm
A 'detoxed' apartment is so refreashing! Best wishes!

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