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Update on my blog post from just under 5 months ago: THEN: OK so far these are good things that have happened and goodthings in the pipeline.Good things that have happened with travel: I went to Egy…

Update on my blog post from just under 5 months ago:

THEN: OK so far these are good things that have happened and good
things in the pipeline.

Good things that have happened with travel: I went to Egypt
in April & saw Alexandria, re-visited Sharm El Sheikh &
Cairo and Ismailia. I have booked a holiday for three days
in Brussels which will include seeing the carpet of flowers.

In the pipeline: Trip to Zurich and or Barcelona and or
Stockholm - depending on what happens with the business.
Also, hubby & I talked about Barcelona & Dubai.

NOW: I went to Brussels AND Brugge, had a great time and didn't go to Zurich or Stockholm but I went to Germany! Frankfurt and also to nearby Wurzburg and Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber. Really enjoyed it. I also went to Glastonbury with my London UK law of attraction group. Hubby & I have booked & paid for Barcelona Christmas trip! Regarding the business the people who we talked to about meeting re business in Barcelona/Stockholm still really want to work with hubby's company & I'm encouraging him to go for it. He agrees to show clients & prospective clients their samples online and order the most popular to sell them (they want to sell some of their products through us!) Hope this goes ahead.

Good things that have happened with friends: I started my
group in October and there are 19 members online. I have
generated a lot of interest, including some overseas!
Meetups HAVE been positive & uplifting & we've attracted a
good calibre of people into law of attraction. I got to go
to the Mind Body Spirit show which I kept meaning to & I
loved it. Re-connected online with D, A, and S. Also
contacted L. We nearly met twice but both times it didn't
suit me but we WILL meet & had a lovely uplifting chat about
LOA yesterday. Lots of online friends on PI, facebook & two
other forums. Two - three international contacts I may meet
up with face to face in their countries. Or some of them
may come to London. I have signed up for two meet ups with
two other groups that sound real fun. Met G who is into LOA
& Abe & she is amazing & wants to meet up too. Have
expressed interest in doing processes with previous members
of other group - all are great, positive people.
In the pipeline: See above. Meeting up with more of these

UPDATE: (now) My group has approx 55 online members now! and we've kept meeting up roughly once a month and it has two websites. However, I'd like to get more members actually turn up! When people do they usually really enjoy it and come back! I am going to a free event on how to better promote my group hopefully mid December but otherwise in April. I also have a "co-organizer" who rocks. I have deepened the friendships with my regulars and sometimes I think we could be friends for a long time. They are so wonderful! I have also been meeting more newbies!

Good things financially: Well in October, hubby was given
£5000 to start a new furniture showroom in Egypt. It is
gorgeous, he is loving it and getting some clients & work
there. I attracted two new necklaces, a puzzle book, some
food etc. & £100 towards travels.
In the pipeline: Hopefully a deal with this company who have
a product we like and so far might be interested in
producing it in Egypt. Also, I have presents on the way
from my home country AND from Egypt!

UPDATE: That company DOES still want to work with us and also a company in a third country. They both want to sell some of their (furniture) products through hubby's company. I got some presents from Egypt for my birthday and from my home country.

Good things in career: Told boss I want to quit July next
year, told colleagues closest to me. Started life coaching
course in mid Feb & done three modules, started on the
fourth, read info for 5 and the two course books. Made 2
websites & have info on html & where to get training in
other codes online. Started email addresses for coaching &
webdesign for info for me. Got a free website & started on
it. Found out more info re supply agencies (contacted them
but they said it's too soon) & did creche work for a parent,
so that's a non-school job in time that COULD give me a 2nd
reference. And more work, hopefully paid.
In the pipeline: Leaving end of July next year. Will
continue with coaching course, after that learn html
properly. Later on will do CELTA. Found 2 coaching
circles. Will go to them later, MAY go to free life coaching
weekend & NLP one if avail. Someone asked me to send them a demo (singing) don't even know how to get one made but I'll figure something out. Also a bit later on, when I've quit my job & studied those other things: I plan to learn card making (which I'm not bad at) origami, and start learning languages. Used to be able to speak some French. Want to learn: French, Arabic, Italian & Japanese - step by step! And MAYBE scrap booking. And MAYBE writing. YUMMY stuff AND I want to learn a travel program (have one in mind) cos I'm quite well travelled & good at link a to b & think I could possibly be good at this. I haven't ruled out tour guide but I'm not sure about that. ALTHOUGH I want to do supply teaching for long as I need to, to help support me. Well, summer times are quiet AND that is when tour guides usually work so..! I'm also open to holiday camp & hotel kids' club work till the other things take off. Aw heck I just realised I wanna learn reiki too & healing - but I know someone who can teach me the healing part. YAY SO much to look forward to!

UPDATE: Half-way through the coaching course. I've found my job really draining physically & emotionally so I've found it hard to study anything else like web design although I'm 90% of the way through a tutorial! (a 100 page one!) I will try to start more studies by January at the latest. Aiming to finish the coaching course by end of April, May at the latest and I've even got a couple of As and well as Bs and B plusses. I went to a workshop from which I really "got it" that I have my OWN voice as well as being resourceful and to bring that into my coaching. I feel more confident about the idea of coaching people than I did.

Dream body: In the pipeline: Am quitting caffeine this
summer hol or at least reducing, replacing with green
smoothies, have started buying fruit smoothies from shop.

UPDATE: I DID buy a basic smoothie maker. Have stopped with the smoothies though I did that for about a couple of months cos I got bored with it! I didn't quit caffeine but I now aim to NEXT summer, after I leave my job. And once I start working on career then I will also do more work on the body! But I DID go to the park near work more while the weather was good and I LOVE that park! I was going to go use the basic gym facilities at work but I was really drained for about 2-3 months & I've realised that well using the gym things means spending more time at work and I can't bear that!

Work has been getting me down a lot but you know what? This post has really uplifted me! I mention hubby's business partially cos I focussed a lot on attracting money before this started and have continued to and I feel it's helping me - indirectly - in this way. But also I have got more money and freebies & gifts - some of it through my birthday, some as thankyous for helping a colleague and some as people wanting to get rid of great stuff! So that feels quite abundant! And getting paid to help my colleague was cool cos I got money for something NOT directly related to my current job. I mean she works there but the work I did for her is different to the kind of work I do at work. So it was good to reinforce yes I CAN be paid for things other than what I have done for 9 years! (Like a couple of times I got £10, once £15 other times gifts!)

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