The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Putting back together the broken pieces.

I was in love with someone for over a year now and all he has done is broken my spirit finally came to a hauling stop and I am still feeling the damage but it is a good change and I feel like things are about to go better for me now...I KNOW they will!!! :)

It's not fully over yet because I had to get the law involved unfortionatly but I got the house out of the deal and I have been cleaning him out of my life so to speak. I have been surrounding myself around positive friends and just trying to pretend to be happy...because I know after pretending for a while I will start to BE happy. :)

On a better note...I have my very 1st band gig THIS Saturday! I am soooo nervous and EXCITED about it!!!!! YAY!!!

Also...I may be getting back my old GREAT paying job soon! So things aren't THAT tax money will be coming my way soon to help us with the bills we got left with. This could be a HUGE blessing in disguise.

I hope everyone is having a blessed day. :)

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Comment by Aeroney on February 3, 2010 at 6:26am
Hey Stephanie. Big congradulations in finding the positives in life while going through the breakup. It does sound like a blessing in disguise.

Good luck with the gig, sounds exciting and nerveracking, lol, but your managing to stay postive through this breakup, the gig will be a piece of cake :)

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