The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I expect a hit show. I expect the show to write itself. I believe the show is a hit! I believe that my career is on fire. I believe I am creating something new everyday. I believe that my friends are the coolest, most fun and intelligent people. We vibrate on the same disks and I really love their company. I believe that I have a few plates spinning at the same time. I believe my life is effortlessly fun. I believe I'm doing what I intended to come to this planet to do. I believe in my joy. I deserve it. I deserve this easy life. I deserve to live a life that feels like a big adventure! I believe in adventure entering my experience. I believe in skydiving.. I believe in jet skiing! I believe in wading in the Nile. I believe in private planes and perfect hair. I believe in my fly-ness. I believe in my great wardrobe. I believe in my perfect weight. I believe in my perfectly smooth and clear skin. I believe in my daughters full life. I believe in weekend art and gym classes. I believe in playdates and park visits and trips to Franklin Square and the please touch museum. I believe in trips to the gallery and walks to Rittenhouse Park. I believe in lots of fun in my life. I believe in lotsa love in my life. I believe in smiles and belly laughs and giggles and down time and connections and fluid moves. I believe in ease. I love when everything is easy. It feels great when everything comes easy. I trust my manager is handling everything on my behalf. I appreciate the fact that I don't have to "work".. like ever. I can play all day if I wanna. I can create all day if I wanna. I can chill all day if i wanna and still everything will be ok. All is well. All is breezy. I am now allowing my wellbeing to flow easily and effortlessly to me.

Thank you universe!

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