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Hola todos,

First of all, I must say thank you to everyone who commented on my previous blog post/profile. I was very surprised that anyone even noticed it much less would bother to leave a comment :) It was very nice!

Well it has been about a week since I officially "started" the challenge but actually, I haven't changed my routine even one iota. At first I was trying really hard to make those positive affirmations and try to quash those negative thoughts but it feels absolutely impossible! It requires every ounce of my energy just to "think positive" for not even five minutes, and then I just give up.

Although, a few good things have happened in the past week: my bf finally got a big paycheck for a project so that's helping out financially, I found someone to sublet my place while I'm gone for the summer and booked a ticket outta here, wuhu! I've been busy this week lecturing at the museum on top of my regular job but haven't been able to deliver with my usual enthusiastic style, as I'm wiped out with the stress of finishing school/wrapping up loose ends/getting ready for my summer job.

Other than that, I don't think I'm any closer to any of my goals and have really got to pull myself up out of these blues. Hopefully I'll be able to report on some *real* progress the next time I write here. I did not anticipate this endeavor being so challenging.

Keeping my fingers crossed...


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Comment by Jessie on May 28, 2009 at 6:57pm
"but it feels absolutely impossible! It requires every ounce of my energy just to "think positive" for not even five minutes, and then I just give up."
This seems so familure to me also...(if you check out my last blog post it was SUPER negative) Im hoping that your thoughts are no where near mine... I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But the great thing is the people on this webpage.... no one knows each other except through cyber space and everyone is so helpful and nice its a great help when your feeling down or great either way. Dont feel bad I offically started my challenge almost 2 months ago and havent really tried hard enough to manifest a whole lot, though I wish I could just force myself to believe in the LOA....
Did you make the bear in your profile picture?
Hope your day is peaceful!!!
Comment by Melissa on May 28, 2009 at 9:47am
Especially in the beginning of my challenge I found it nearly impossible to change the way that I thought. I started really slow. I have what I call a positivity journal and every night I would make an effort to write about my day but the catch is that I could only write things that were positive. Sometimes this meant having to find something positive amongst all of the negetive things that stressed me out during the day. I really thought that this was sooo phony in the beginning but I have to say that for me this started to make me see things in a positive light. Slowly I was able to go from there and start to see positive things in a negetive situation.

Now I try really hard to not concentrate on the negetive things that happen during the day at all. If I have to though I try to think of it in a positive way, this sometimes is a really hard thing to do, but not always and I'm starting to feel happier.

I truley wish you luck and I know your goals will begin to be met soon


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