The 100 Day Reality Challenge


DAYS 1-13


Season 10 REDO begins with a bit of catching up.

HAPPILY I remember the glory days of this site and all of the wonderful manifestations which came about back then.  There were so MANY powerful co-creators here, and one day, may it become such again. FANTASTIC to see one of the originators of the site LILOU MACE posting along with the news that she is to be a Mother.  Many happy blessings for her!

The most important things for me this year are to complete, diligently, 3 Seasons.  Starting with this one.  I am in the 55th year of this physical life and there is still much to accomplish.  Realizing that a strong foundation has to be laid in order to achieve those things is of utmost importance.  Once cannot create a magical life on unsteady ground.

The Master Key System and Neville Goddard are primary components of this solid foundation.  Adding to this foundation is Ho'oponopono (huge grin) just saying the word makes me smile.

Currently, am watching daily the ORIGINAL The Secret movie (the one with Esther Hicks) because it feels the most authentic to me.  It truly gives me a pick me up at the beginning and ending of my day.

It feels wonderful to be back on track.  To know, that with diligence and mindfulness, the future is indeed bright.

I wish all of you much joy.

Create the joyful life you desire to live.  It is yours for the feeling into existence.


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