The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Recognizing and rejoicing in Abundance! Day 22 Season 2

Hello co-creators!

I find myself safely back to my apartment after 2 weeks spent at my parent's house in my hometown. 

My intention  for this season is to clear out that which does not serve me.

I have decided to carry over a practice I used during my first reality challenge of recognizing and sharing the good in my life as a way to invite more good into my life.

Here is what I noticed about today...

1.) I had a delicious breakfast with my mom and dad this morning. We laughed, had coffee, and had lovingly made eggs and toast. Usually my mom is busy taking care of things on weekend mornings, so I was especially grateful that she sat down and ate breakfast with me and my dad.

2.) So much abundance and love! I was given all kinds of delightful  treats to bring back to my apartment with me. Some from my mom, some from my aunt (all packed so sweetly in a lovely basket). Having home made food just is like magic to me!

3.)More abundance! My dad gave his time and energy today. He drove me back to my apt, and helped me get all my belongings upstairs. At one point we got turned around, when I lost my patience he stayed calm and got us here safely. Usually I take mass transit back and forth when visiting. Having a ride back was very nurturing.

Today I took loving action that serves me.

 1.) organized my apartment, this action always helps me to feel more clear headed. 

2.) I made the choice to rest and stay indoors for this evening. More abundance! My friend gave me a healing foot soak that I plan to use tonight.

3.) I was open with a friend about feeling anxious and was supported. So thankful!

4.) I added more items to the donation bag. 

I deserve the best in life and so do all of you.

Sending love and light for a beautiful way of life. 

MA xo

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