The 100 Day Reality Challenge


I’m a bit of a Sci-Fi fan among other things and love the TV shows

Quantum Leap, Dr Who and Red Dwarf.  Recently, I saw an episode in

which one of the main characters in Red Dwarf – Rimmer – was visited

by an alternate version of himself.  (Hey, it’s Sci-fi.  All sortsof crazy things are possible and plausible in the context of Sci-fi!) Anyway, this alternate Rimmer had made one choice differently than the original Rimmer and as a result was now living a very different lifestyle.  


In our lives, yes, one decision can indeed have a huge impact on us and our futures, however, it’s like there are many alternate realities – we have numerous options and opportunities available to us and ways that – as Abraham Hicks says “our stuff could come to us.”  It’s not as though there’s only one route to achieving what we want – be that in the area of career, relationships, further exploring/developing our spirituality or whatever else we desire.  


Just as there are journeys which can be made by plane, boat or train, so to with our own journeys there can be different paths that all eventually lead us to our desired destination, even though the experiences and views may be very different along the way.  


If you feel you’d like some help in exploring the range of possibilities or options available to you, please contact mess at:   to request an initial consultation. 

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