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Regaining focus and starting up again


I am now starting up again, just about where I left off last spring.  I discovered something awful, something toxic and poisonous that was effecting my health and my children's health.


The situation I was referring to was something that I had not dealt with in the past, but I had a bad feeling that the person I was dealing with (an ex and the father of my son) was just not right.  I got myself into that situation in two ways: I allowed myself to remain in the dark, allowed information to be kept from me,  and I didn't believe in myself and my rights- I let them do this to us.


I mention this because I think we all have to be careful about what we let build up in our lives. In many cases, the creation of a beautiful life will require a purging of the ugly and bad. I could never have created the life I wanted while that person was literally poisoning us.


Now our health and home is much better, and there is more peace and happiness in our lives.

The downside is that I am still now working or bringing in any income. My health has improved to the point where I could work, and I am excited about getting something started and making money again.


I will be checking in frequently. I need to keep my focus because I believe that thanks to this event and subsequent cleansing of my life, good things will come to us much more easily.



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Comment by simone on September 9, 2011 at 2:16pm
I have a story just like yours, regarding my ex ...I wish you and your children a bright future :)
Comment by Tracey on September 8, 2011 at 9:29pm

to have the desire to start over is a BIG step !!  don't let fear or your past keep you from peace and blessings. keep moving forward to ALL the GOOD THINGS waiting on you .

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