The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I got to sleep in and relax. I am getting a few things done around the house that I have been putting off and doesn't THAT feel great? ALWAYS! :) I hate putting things off but sometimes you are just too exhausted from work and whatever to do the things you really want to. So today is a day for catching up and taking time out for me. :)

I was watching some old videos I have on my drams2manifest account on youtube and saw my old vision board...holy crap! I was amazed to see so many things that I actually got from th pictures I put on it! I didn't even realize! That just shows you that you HAVE TO BE SPECIFIC even down to detail! I had all kinds of camera pictures on it and you won't believe it but one day I was walking outside my apartment complex and found what looked like a wallet so I opened it up to see if it had an ID on it so I could try and find it's rightful owner. Well when I opened it is wasn't a wallet but a camera was inside! I went through the pictures and didn't recognize the person or the area in the pictures. I think it was someone from Atlanta's but I am not really sure. I saw a bunch of football pictures and ballgame pictures. Anyway, I knew that I would never find the owner of the camera so my roomie talked me into keeping it. It didn't have a charger for the funky battery so I got one off of ebay. I wanted a new camera so bad and I didn't know how I would get one and I never thought it would be free!!! Thank you universe and I am sorry for whoever lost it and I hope that they found a new and better one or a bunch of money to buy a better one in replace. :)

I also put a ton of pictures of people in love and kissing and holing hands in hopes that I would have that too. I got a man! (But minus all the hugs and kisses because he isn't very affectionate and we are having issues now but still!)

There were a few other things on it too but I can't remember. Isn't that crazy! The law of attraction is REAL people! See it, Feel it, and Believe it!


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