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Reponse to Youtube video interview of MOOJI by Lilou Mace

Reponse to Youtube video interview:

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO The "I AM" practice | Mooji | Part 3

Lilou Mace (

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In my opinion,

one of the profound things that Mooji says in his interview with Lilou Mace

"All your problems are imaginary"

The second profound thing that Mooji has to say is the simple statement he says "I Am"

"This is one of the most simple ways of being in touch with yourself."

And then the way he was careful not to intimidate people as he rephrased that into "With being in direct contact with your inner being."

He recommends that we take if not 10 minutes, then just 5 minutes, or even just a few minutes to grab a glass of water or something and just sit and stay in this state of "I am".

Mooji has a bunch of videos on You Tube and that is how he is sharing this with people.

Lilou shares with us that you can have a Youtube Video as long as you want if you "Become a YouTube Partner". And she can tell you more info by email.

Mooji lives in London but he is traveling and sharing this technique at two meetings in NY in early September 2009, and then he is going to Argentina, and then he is moving across to Brazil for about a month, and then he will return to London Late Oct, Nov and going to India in at the end of the year to psrtivipate in a free a retreat at a hoy mountain.

For more info:
Or search "Mooji ji ji"

Lilou compliments Mooji's smile.

And Mooji says the nicest things to Lilou that he has been hearing her name more and more, and it is such a joy to speak to her.

Lilous suggests a one on one interview with Mooji before the end of the year.


Mooji interviewed by Lilou Mace "From Suffering to Opening Our heart | Part 1

Lilou asks the question "Why do we need to go through the process of healing? It seams we are spiritual being who have entered these bodies, and trough experience we become fearful of life and things and then we reach this point where we become open to healing and learning and becoming spiritually enlightened to we can feel good again... How did we come to this pleace where we need to go through this process?"

Mooi - I don't think anyone can give one definitive answer to this. But what we can say, is it seems to come extent, that in the same way all the beings who live in the ocean are wet, in the same way, all the beings that are in manifestation get conditioned somehow. Its unavoidable to some extent. But some seem to have found a way or perfect understanding, which somehow takes you out of the dream." He then goes on to state that "when we come to see our selves in our true being, it will seem like a dream. That it is created in our minds. The vast majority of people will not accept this." he goes on to reiterate that when we were children we saw the world different then we do now, and it was the process of conditioning that has put us in this state of being."

Mooji makes the statement that we all perceive the world in a unique way. No one sees the world in the same way as another person. All of us have a very unique perception of the world. Just like we all have unique dreams when we are sleeping and you cant share a dream with another person even if they lay right at your side in bed. He says we share somethings, but this unique perception mixes us and we can talk and discuss these unique perceptions.

Lilou asks the question "Do we need this state of suffering?" She says "It seems to often that people wait until dramatic things happen like loosing a job, or someone dies, etc... and we hit a sort of rock bottom before we finally choose to realize that there is more to life then this physical body. And we need suffering to finally see that there is another dimension to life. So do we need that suffering?

Mooji responds "Each one require their own unique medicine." For some just some verbal instruction is all that is needed to see clearly again. For others that will not work, they have to go through causing intense pain to themselves and others to get to the point where they exhaust all your options and you are really screwed up. And then somehow, out of this, may come an opening. Some people find them selves very attracted to questions like "Who am I" "How did I get here" "What is this life and existence all about." and eventually people come to find a place of peace, freedom, understanding, clarity, joy, all of these things come. And then our minds are not our boss anymore."

This reminds me a lot of what Eckhart Tolle says in "The Power Of Now". You can check that out here:
"">Click here to see Eckhart Tolle - The Power Of Now Video on Y...

You can watch this video made by Lilou interviewing Mooji here:
Click here to see this video made by Lilou interviewing Mooji

Part 2 "We are not separate from our Heart"

watch the video here:
Click here for this second video on you tube titled "We are not sep...

When you are so filled with love, there is no room for anything else.

There is nothing about you that is not LOVE. Except for this idea about our self that we have.

Love is not a task like "I need to love you."

Its like love is something that you cannot do. You see beyond the surface of everyone because you know that the same love that your being is made of, is the same love that everyone else is made of."

someone asked Mooji "Do you love everybody"

Mooji said "Yes but not personally. Because while I love everybody, I do not love the idea that people carry in their minds about who they are. This is a ugly thing."

Then Mooji give some real incredible instruction on how to remain peaceful by holding onto our being, and not experiencing panic, because when we think that we are these things that are threatened then we become threatened but when we relize that we are not these things that are challenged, then we know what we are and we have peace.

he gives the advice. "Observe without judging."

The more you can observe and remain neutral without identifying with what you see, then you have a great sense of peace.

Then Mooji begins speaking about how to be and learn to be quiet with yourself and be trusting, and know in yourself that you do not have a natural single enemy in this universe.

This reminds me of the famous quote by Albert Einstein “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” You can see that quote here:
Click here for a list of Albert Einstein quotes

Mooji says "Don't remind the world that it is suffering. Remind the world that it is free and that it is happy."

Mooji goes on to say some very profound and enlightened things.

Mooji is enlightened. Check his you tube video interviews by Lilo M...

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