The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 1 Day 45:

Woke up at 4am and this tv show came to my mind, a show I watched when I was younger. Its a favorite childhood show. Its Called Charmed, about 3 sisters and their lives as witches in the real world and about how they come into their own.
Love love love.. I remembered a episode about a sister, phoebe. This spell turns her into a mermaid because her heart was cold from a broken love that she had experienced with a mortal/ demon in her past.
She fell in love with the sea becoz it made her feel free. The spell had overtaken her. She ended up wanting to never leave the sea, she was a witch though. That was apart of who she was. She wasn't a mermaid. She liked how the sea made her feel free. She didn't realize it was because it free'd her from feeling pain and feeling trapped with her feelings of love that she still had for this demon. He was not good for her. She knew that. She left him many time, tried to break his posession over her. She even married him and he tried to make her his queen of the underworld.. But that wasn't who she was. She saves the innocent and has her sisters, her heart is good. She was meant to protect the innocent.

Well she left this demon. But in this episode the sisters had to summon Phoebe's ex husband/demon. Phoebe needed to be honest about how she felt in order to be free of her obsession with sea. So the demon came to phoebe. He found her layed out on a rock, as a mermaid, enjoying the sun. He explains to her why he had came. Then she realizes her truth of what was.. She accepted that she loved him still, in her heart, she decided to face how she felt. Facing her feelings, thr spell broke. She was no longer a mermaid, but herself.

She told her ex that, yes, she loved him, but that didnt mean shr would go back to him. She said that it didnt change anything. She wasn't ever going back to it again. That episode sorta resonated with my feelings.

I began to watch another clip. It was from the end of the series. Years later in the show. Phoebe falls in love with her true love, cupid! Lol this cupid guy was cute. He had been sent to her to find her a true love. He became frustrated becoz he looked all over the world for this right guy for her. He even said to her, that he brought her a really good guy, but she didn't hit it off with him. He asks.. " What is With You?"

She looks at him with a guilty look on her face. She confesses that she fell in love with him. She gets all flustered and frustrated, and tells him its against the rules for a cupid and witch to fall in love. He smiles at her and grabs her face..then "shh's" her, then kisses her. Need I say more?? Lol

I love that ending. She ended up marrying him and being happy. May I fall in love with a form of cupid that I fit with? I feel like it can happen. As silly as I sound.. Lol magic happens everyday!

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Comment by Sarah Pohrman on August 28, 2012 at 10:14am
Sp** even married him** lol

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