The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Results of my first 100 day challenge! Many Many Thanks!

This 100 day challenge has been a beautiful journey. I've definitely connected to myself and got to know myself during some stressful times, that's when you really learn when things push you to beyond what you think you can take on.

Some beautiful happenings occurred during this transition and everything keeps getting better and better.

Goals that manifested during my first 100 day challenge:
I've gotten closer to retiring by having my 2nd home bought by my renters, which it now allows me to save $4k per month!
My mother-in-law just offered us $1000 to join her on a trip to Hawaii! Yippee! We've never been there and we're really looking forward to the vacation.
I believe the family farms are getting closer to getting settled, mediation is on May 8th. I'm expecting the best for all 7 of us!
I got the IRS penalties down to 1k from 5k and I've dropped pursuing this any further as it doesn't feel good.
My dog tried doing a backyard makeover for me, so I'm being more specific and changed it to a 'professional' backyard makeover! ;->

I've received so much inspiration from all of you and I loved watching everyone transform an grow and get their desired outcomes! There were so many great ideas shared and helpful tips to try, which I've added to my inspiration box of goodies. Thank you!

I've read so many great books during this time which helped me quite a bit on self worth, which seems like a key issue with me. Remember to always grow your self worth and let your light shine through!
Books read: Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff; Expect Miracles by Joe Vitale which he tells you to do everything that you can to get your desired outcome when you've done everything you can then allow the universe to take over and open yourself up to receiving! Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff, excellent transformational guide!

Lately came across Everything is Energy Radio with David and Kristen Morelli ( They're a great inspiration, tons of powerful energy and great tips!

Congratulations to everyone! Looking forward to the next challenge and more powerful growing and sharing!

Love, light and happiness! Expect the best or even better!

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