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Just been listening to Abraham Hicks. I've been feeling soooooo so good that now that I'm back in Russia and I'm tired and the food is different and the weather and environment is different, it feels soooooo so wrong!

The truth is things are better here than they have ever been for me, the kids are easier, my house is better, the people are friendlier, my friends are closer, my boyfriend is heavenly. BUT its not right anymore so it grates and drags and pulls at me like it never did before.

And this is where I know I have grown...

I am rejoicing in this hell because it is not hell, it is simply being made clear to me that I am not where I should be any more.

I REALLY want to talk to some people about what exactly I need to do, about the details, about the confusion I'm feeling and I've realised every effort I've made has been unfruitful. Again, THANK YOU! I already know the answer and I must simply focus on what I DO want and I sincerely trust that the answers will be made clear.

I'm just scared and grieving a little.

This too shall pass and great things are happening!!!

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Comment by Roos on September 2, 2013 at 4:45pm

Kuddos to you for seeing what doesnt serve you any longer.

To feel grief is natural and there's hardly avoiding it too. 

But you are right and I think it is wonderful how you go about it :) 


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