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Gotta be super quick because Im on a ten minute station computer at my uni right now! Just wanted to post a quick blog this morning because Im so excited about this whole thing, woo day three! So I have decided that the practices I'm going to focus on for now are:

*Reading (I have You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay)
*Lilou's meditation vids
*Visualisation board
*The Rule of 5

Think thats enough just for now and I can build up later. So anyways not sure if I have interpretted this Rule of 5 thing properly but the way I am going to use it is I will list 5 things each day that I will do to reach my goals and intentions. Then at the end of the day I will list 5 things I am grateful for that day. So here goes my 5 things for this morning:

1. Go to and find a yoga group near me
2. Ring the lady about the acting lessons I found
3. Book a driving lesson for next Thursday
4. Go job hunting
5. Find a singing class I can go to

Also this afternoon I will be using my boyfriends (dodgy lol) webcam to post my very first vlog yayyy.

Hope that everyone is having a realllly great day/afternoon/night wherever you are in the world!

Love Anna

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Comment by Gregg Bell on March 31, 2009 at 7:53pm
yep you got it, if you only get to number 4, 5 becomes 1 tomorow, sounds like you'll blow right through them though.

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