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Today I woke up excited about a new start to the week. Over the weekend I felt lazy and was wasting a lot of time watching TV. Surfing the web about which players my favorite team (San Diego Chargers) drafted from college this year. It seems like sometimes I slip into being so interested in other people lives instead of my own. Well this morning I read the daily motivation from I would advise everyone to check out the website daily to help keep you motivated. Well this is what it said.....

Monday, April 27, 2009
Take action
Success does not come to those who merely have great ideas. Success comes to those who have great ideas and who follow through on them.
Your carefully crafted plans bring value only when you put them into action. The best of intentions are useful only when you follow through on them.

During the course of the day, many thoughts cross your mind. Yet just as easily and quickly as those thoughts come, they recede, so it's crucial to begin acting on the best ones right away.

Before a valuable and meaningful intention gets pushed out of your mind by another thought, do something about it. Set the process irrevocably in motion and begin to bring that intention to life.

When you think of doing something, there's a reason why you have that thought. Listen to what the thought is suggesting, and take action immediately.

Don't let the idea or the intention or the vision slip away. Take action and make it real.

-- Ralph Marston

How powerful is that. So I took action. I made time to turn off the TV and have complete silence to read for a half hour because that was what my mind was telling me. I picked up my Law of Attraction in Action book and discovered some more inspirational messages. It said "Thoughtful choices followed by small steps lead to big results." Think about it, how many times have we thought a great idea but required making a huge step, in return we end up doubting ourselves because of fear that we cannot make it that far. However in contrary, if we take small baby steps, we feel less likely to fail. And if it doesn't work out, it is easy for us to take another baby step which means we are making progress by being consistent. Check this out....the author also states this......

"Nothing is good or bad until you define it that way, and nothing is a true failure unless you give up. So long as you are focusing on the progress you've made and what you can learn from any setback, and so long as you continue moving forward, you're still on your way to manifesting your dreams." (Deanna Davis).

With all this information I recieved today, I got busy on improving my strategy as a Foreign Exchange Trader, which is my passion. Like stated above, as long as I am taking steps forward, I am on my way to manifesting my dreams. I encourage anyone who has read this blog to do the same.

P.S. I just recieved a rebate in the mail for $100 that I didn't think I was going to get :-) "Open your mind to recieve"

"Everything and Everyone prospers me now, and I prosper everything and everybody now" GOD bless!

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