The 100 Day Reality Challenge

S1 ~ D3 Lesson Learned -- Make the Most of Every Moment

This is Day 3 of the 100 Day Challenge. Overall, I’m still very excited and hopeful. I’m finding strength and encouragement in one way or another from everyone else that I’ve connected with on this site. Other than being a little busy this weekend with work, kids, and Katie, I’m still determined to get my 30 minutes of writing in every day. I actually had the opportunity to do yesterday’s 30 minutes of writing at work.

Within the last 24 hours, I have heard from 3 different people on Reiki. I’m beginning to think this is more than a coincidence. I have decided I’m going to look into it some more. Could just be by chance I’ve heard 3 different people mentioning it on THIS day but I would like to think the Universe is trying to tell me something.

I’m 100 pages into Writing to Change the World and I’m realizing that more than anything, this is what I want to do with my life. Last weekend when I had 4 days off with lots of extra time and privacy to write I was at peace more than any other time I can remember in the last year-and-a-half. Even Katie noticed a huge difference in me the way I interacted with her when we were together. I can tell for the first time that this is truly why I’m here. I can genuinely say I am a writer! I now see myself as a messenger and communicator for the Universe.

I woke up this evening groggy and sleepy like usual (I worked 3rd shift last night) and I think I realized something. I made some coffee and sat on the couch watching a little basketball while the kids played checkers and Katie finished her book. I always wake up groggy and for years now I have told myself that I need to sit around for a while in order to wake up. After beating her brother three games in a row, my daughter asked me if I wanted to take her on. Still sitting there in a fog, I looked her way and just nonchalantly said no thank you. I noticed a little shrug in her shoulders but didn’t think too much of it at the time. After putting the kids to bed that moment kept playing back in my mind. With my intention to live more deliberately, I really dropped the ball in this moment to have a connection with my daughter and to spend some quality time with her before she went to bed.

So from now on—whether I’m working 3rd shift or 1st shift—I need to take a shower immediately in order to wake myself up and jump into life immediately. I have let too many hours of life pass me by while sitting on the couch in a fog. No more lying to myself saying I need to “wake up” before I join the rest of the world. I might have missed this one opportunity for quality time but missing this one moment has woke me up to making the most of the moments to come.

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Comment by Clarissa Kelly on January 18, 2009 at 1:12am
Hey Travis! I know what you mean about groggy mornings, especially in the winter! I have dropped the ball with my son a lot lately, tonight I made it up with stories and roasting marshmellows in our fireplace. FUN!

I get up and have a fresh fruit smoothie and do some yoga. Stretching really gets the oxygen into my bloodstream and clears my head. I often wake up stuffed up, so this really helps. I am not really that good at it, nor am I in great shape, but just thought I'd share something that is helping me lately. I reward myself around 10am with caffeine, then I really get buzzing through the morning! :)

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