The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Little over half way on my 100day challenge. I haven’t been posting everyday so I would like to post an update on my progress.

Attracting huge chunks of money….

As far as feelings I am feeling a lot more comfortable about allowing financial abundance into my life from different avenues.

I have been constantly reminding myself to reach for the happy feeling. To find the good in everything. When I am not being able to reach for that good feeling….I have resorted to search Abraham Hicks You Tube Videos to see how I can make the shift. I learnt from them to meditate by focusing on my breath. It wasn’t anything new I learnt but it just served as a reminder to me.

Progress on my manifesting my dream body, just by reaching for the better feeling all day every day, I am happier. This in turn has meant I eat when I am truly hungry. A friend of mine mentioned to me that she was going to be starting the “Run your butt off” program…so I was inspired to check it out. I too have started with the program. I love it because I can go at my own pace. The weather is mild enough to go outdoors which is HEAVEN.

Helping Millions on my way….

Lots of things happening here.

The group I am hosting “Why Me” is steadily growing. We have scheduled our meetings to be 1st Friday of the Month. Next step is to advertise this group on, local magazine.

Next month I am going to be working with young Athletes as a mental conditioning coach.

I am helping others on here by sharing my experiences.

My toastmasters weekly meeting is going great …I had joined Toastmasters because I felt I needed to improve my public speaking skills if I am to empower millions.

Making progress on my website.

In touch with my family….

Last weekend we spent a long weekend at Orlando Universal Studios and Adventure Island…having fun and bonding with my family.

Living in the moment has inspired me to connect back with my family. I love talking to them. We have booked a vacation for early March with my sister and mum. Really looking forward to spending quality time together and soaking up the sun.

Reading back on what I just wrote I realize I am Living my dream life… I want to spend my days moving forward is getting clearer each day.

Beautiful times are ahead for all of us….just keep on reaching for the good feeling.

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Comment by Mona on January 25, 2012 at 8:34pm

Total awesomeness... You know ive got tons of questions... lol but will inbox them :)

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