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Hey everyone,


Ive just added my first video but for some weird reason, the picture of the video is not coming up! What i mean is, the initial picture that your see of the video is not visible. The video however works, its just that you need to click on the actual video of course. A little concerned because it would really attract people to view any of my videos!!


Can anyone help me on this please. I would so very much appreciate and be grateful for your support :) How else do you all put up videos? 


Wishing you all a wonderful New Years; one filled with joy, abundance and wealth :) 


Live, Love, Life


Nupur x 

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Comment by Nups Lad89 on January 1, 2011 at 5:16pm

Oh wowm yes your right. I have set it as private, only because I'm not too keen on making my videos known to the whole you tube public. How can I overcome this? When you set yours to public, can others see it on you tube?


Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrrrr Japjeet! :) 

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