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Yesterday on Sunday April 19, 2009, the weather here in southern California was awesome. I decided that there was no way I was going to sit at home just to watch the Lakers play on tv. I live in the inland valley so it gets a lot hotter out here than it does by the beach cities. By my house it easily reached 100 degrees. With this said I got out of the house. I went to Hollywood to have lunch with my girlfriend and her family in Thai Town. After some good eating and conversation it was time for them to head back home. I drove my car seperately from them because I had already made up my mind two days prior that I was going to the beach. But not just any beach, I wanted to go to Laguna Beach. Why Laguna? Well that answer is simple, I cannot remember ever going to Laguna Beach in my lifetime and the main reason was because my goal is to purchase a home there with panoramic ocean views.

As I left from Hollywood heading south on the 5 freeway, I pictured myself driving home to Laguna Beach instead of visiting. When I got off the 5 and connected to the 133 south Laguna Beach highway, a big smile was on my face. For the first 7 miles you are going through beautiful green hills and steep canyons. Shortly after you can begin to see the ocean. There was a lot of cars trying to make their way to the beach. I already had it made up in my mind prior to going down there that it was going to be this crowded meaning that the weather was hot and it was Sunday. So I brought with me 3 dollars in quaters for meter parking. Well as I was sitting in traffic I see a parking lot to my left and I also saw I car just pull out of its space. The lane to make a left turn into the parking lot opened up for me and two seconds later the light turn green. I got a parking space in under a minute and it was FREE :-) I knew the law of attraction was working on my side. I put on my back pack and held my fold up chair as I made my way down to the beach. As I was walking I looked up to the cliffs and saw a lot of multi million dollar homes overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I immediately saw myself living there in the near future. I have always seen these homes from the internet but its always good to see it in person to help manifest it into your life. When I got to the crosswalk to the beach, a shiny red Ferrari pulls out right in front of me. I'll take that as another sign hahaha!

After I found my spot on the beach, I laid down and admired the scenery. I turned on my iPhone and listened to this radio station I love called Pandora. You can actually create your own music station you like and it will play nothing but that genre of music. So meaning I was on the beach I had created a Bob Marley station. Nothing like Reggae on the beach. I also made a station for Hawaiian music as well as smooth jazz (Paul Hardcastle). I started to read my Law of Attraction in Action book to really set my state of mind. My day at the beach was great. It was like a mini vacation. I plan on visiting other beaches like Dana Point and San Clemente every other weekend so I can stay focused

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