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I've got a few emails asking if I am okay, yes I am. I've had a lot on my mind and a lot of thinking to do lately. I asked the universe for a sign on what the timing would be, yesterday my family called to ask if I could push it back just a tiny bit further so the kids could finish the school year. Otherwise I'd be taking them with a month/two months of school left, which means they'd get out of here emotional and be pushed into a new school not knowing anyone. This was a concern of mine too, so will let them finish, it'll also give me one more class to finish for college.

I've been doing my daily getting dressed and eating healthy, but the last two nights I was a bad girl. Hubby wanted mexican and chinese last night so I ate that. Other than that things are going good, oh and I had two starbucks this week. But that too is good since I normally can have 3 a day. So the health front is looking good, next will be to start walking now that the weather is getting nicer. (hope it stays that way)

I noticed something new about me though, the more I learn about myself and wake up to my situation the more irritable I become. Well I don't think I am, but HE (Hubby) does. I think it is that I just won't stand to be treated the way he has treated me for so long. I'm fed up with it and demanding more. Not completely but it is more noticeable now. he took $100 yesterday which will be spent THERE again I'm sure, so I've decided the money I just earned from my internet work will be MINE. He already told me the money he BORROWED from me I gave him when he asked so he isn't paying it back. So I will take my money from this paycheck and next and do as I please. Probably some books and yoga things. I also want to open another account, one of which he doesn't know. I think the universe has woke me up to this and does not want me backing down, I'm getting more strength. I continue to ask for it, as I know I hate confrontation and have always just backed down in order for peace.

Since sticking around at least two more months decided to take the ONE college class I've wanted to take. It was funny, I've wanted to take it but it wasn't available at first. Then I started changing things and getting positive a bit about where my life is headed (even though it seems strange) and one day it popped up. :) Thank you universe. I've also been looking at homes for rent out there, things are pretty good. I know I'll have to get some more income to support myself too. I don't want to just depend on HIS income (support checks) with not knowing if he'll have his job or not.

I went and purchased: Codependant no more: Stop controlling others and treat yourself better (something like that), a Yoga DVD and The Love Dare. (not for him just to read)

Goals: Continue on learning more of myself and reading the books I've been. Get more income from internet work.
Gratittude: Thankful for all the learning I've been doing, keeping the house another month, paying bills this month, my kids, food and my family and friends.

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Comment by Conscious Kitty on February 8, 2009 at 1:50pm
thank you! I will look in to this. Very interesting, I didnt know this income stream was out there.
Comment by Homemom3 on February 8, 2009 at 8:19am
@Maggie- Thank you, I'm sure hoping it will. I know I have a big path to walk down and I'll definitely be needing it. But the more I come out of this cocoon, the stronger I am feeling. But I know I have a long ways to go.

@Audrey- Hi there, hope you are doing well. Thank you, I am feeling a bit better, but notice still that it is when he comes home that I get moody. There is a definite change between when he is home and when it is just the kids and I. The entire house was full of joy and good spirits all day, but things changed once he came home. I am planning on going out today with a friend. Can't wait, I haven't done this in years, he has no clue yet. Not sure if he will be proud of me, but I do know the kids will be.
Comment by Homemom3 on February 8, 2009 at 8:14am
ConsciousKitty- Yes, I feel this rollercoaster is too crazy, it needs to end....too many lows and not enough highs if you catch my drift. I'm going to look for Power of Now, I wanted to read it when i first heard about it but was never sure. On earning an income I blog about various topics for three different sites., and b5media. I write about babies, celebrities, toys and tv shows. Some pay better than others, etc. But I make enough to have some fun if I ever got the money for myself and not bills and groceries. originally that was the plan as we had more than enough, back in May we lost the TV as he couldn't keep up. Off that topic though as it makes me sour. I know people that make anywhere from a couple bucks blogging, couple hundred or $1000+ a month. It is neat to see how it ranges and I'm going to try focusing on making MORE. I know if several friends can do it I can do it, just got to toss it out there. Right? Hope this helps I can explain more in an email so drop me a message here. Thanks for the book recommendation.
Comment by AUDREY on February 8, 2009 at 5:03am
so glad you are finally becoming aware of your strengths!! You are now ready to face the future and be the strongest you have ever been!! :)))) Treat yourself and love yourself. You are a born survivor and will come out the winner with you high on a pedestal. Your children and your husband will be proud of you! xx
Comment by Conscious Kitty on February 7, 2009 at 7:15pm
Hi Mom!

Well you do seem to be on a roller coaster ride as well. But I can hear the positive undertone in your despair. You are taking action, leanring and absorbing what you are learning which is leading you to know about yourself and life on a much deeper level. That is so important and empowering. I would love to recommend the book POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle. It changed my life! I have his book A NEW EARTH which you may have heard of as he promoted it with Oprah. I am going to start reading it today. I recommend reading his first one first though, it is so powerful.

I am curious how you are earning money on the internet and how much youc an earn. I work for a non profit which doesnt pay me quite as much as i would like. It would be great if I new a legitimate way to blog and get cash in the evenings.

Its nice to meet you SUPER MOM! I cant believe 4 kiddies, wow! You must be a busy girl juggling family, school, work and taking care of yourself. CONGRATULATIONS MOM - YOU ROCK!


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