The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Lets see...where do I begin?? I guess i'll start off with the fact that I was on vacation for this week and will be for the next two. Got a chance to relax and sleep in, staying in tune with what God and Jesus Christ have been offering me, which were numerous opportunities to make progress.
I've been wanting to fund an account I had opened some months back but have been waiting. I even thought about canceling it because I wasn't using it. Well come to find out i actually ended up needing the account. My thoughts were telling me to go on ahead and fund it. Before I funded it, I got an email from the broker telling me that they have a spring bonus offer for people who fund their account between May 1- May 27. So after I funded it I recieved an instant $150 into my account. YES!!! Ok so I funded it through paypal and everything was going smooth until.....I checked my Wells Fargo account and saw a $200 Finance Cash Advance Charge "WHAAATTT!!" I said. I knew I had enough funds before I made the transfer. According to Wells Fargo, it was because I used Paypal. Immediately I started saying my affirmations "Be still. Be still and know that I am GOD at work in this situation right now." Well they transfered me to a lady who was head of the credit card services, she put me on hold again and when she got back on the phone and said "OK Mr. Hubbard, we have decided to waive the fee just for this time, next time we will wont be able to." WOW! I thanked her a lot for helping me out. Anybody who doesn't believe in Law of Attraction that is your lost, im living it in my life with much gratitude.
Whats next...hmmmm, this week I had some profitable trades consistenly in pursuit to becoming a profitable International Currency Trader. I have prayed everynight to help me become a profitable investor, leading me down the right path and steps to take. Always reminding myself that "I do not depend upon persons and conditions for my prosperity. God is the source of my supply, so i know put God first financially. All is possible through Christ."
I have another story....I was purchasing an item online and the order would not go through. I tried at least 3 times and the same result. While I was trying to complete my order I had notice the tax on this item was really expensive. I still was going to pay it, so after the third try i decided to go use my other computer. Well when I placed the order on the other computer the tax was no longer there and the transaction went through smoothly....can you say "WOW!" This is just amazing...but wait...there is MORE...
I got a call from my former employer today, whom laid me off this past January, that I will be recieving payment for all my vacation, sick, and floating holidays I accrued before I got laid off. It was already paid into my checking account as of today. This has just been an amazing week.
After all this being said....I want to make sure nobody thinks I am being arrogant or thinking I am the reason this is happening. I am no better than anyone else. I just wanted to share with everyone that giving credit to your Creator first and applying the Law of Attraction in your life can really transform you.
Until next time...GOD Bless :-)

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Comment by Wendy Pablico on May 9, 2009 at 9:46am
((WOW)) sweetheart we know about LOA when use daily for everything it works. Gosh you took me on a roller coaster ride in the first being my son and you know how protective I am
'-) I have Paypal and doing transactions with them are too high for me. I prayed to God to supply me with sources I found free transactions. I opened my acct this week for my Wall ST Coaching program I plan to use it for other items as well beading will be my hobby/ therapy when I want to tune out ;-)

You had a wonder week...I'm attracting positive profits next week should be wonderful I'm off with a great start "-) LOA is the bomb!!

I wanted more jewelry in gem stones for spirtual and healing reasons. Today Michaels craft store is having a beading event for 4 hours if I get really good at it which I always gives 100% or more I'll create a store at shopit.


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