The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Technically speaking, i have 15 mins to write this blog before it becomes tomorrow :)
i've had a very busy day and found myself jumping from one task to another so it's 11.46pm and i still haven't had a proper chance to sit at my laptop and write my blog.

i've been helping my bro-in-law at his work because a couple of big orders came in and they needed help. i enjoy working there because i find my bro in law is a good boss. he's asked that i turn up tomorrow as well... so it'll be good.

down note about the day was that i wasn't able to do my daily exercise. that kinda made me feel 'not happy' because it's the first time in a long time that i couldn't organise my day so i made sure i kept up with my healthy lifestyle. so i'm going to try waking up super early tomorrow and just going for a walk. it's going to be hard but i'll try.

so all in all, it was good.

gratitude time..
1 - i am grateful i am able to help my sis out with her current problems. they're very fixable so that's good.
2 - i'm grateful i spent time with my mother and bought her b'day present. we've got a surprise family dinner planned and she doesn't suspect a thing (fingers crossed it continues and she loves the actual dinner).
3 - i'm grateful i had the chance to talk to my husband today. he's away on a work conference and it's good we've been able to talk twice today.
4 - i'm grateful the conference mentioned the personality area. that really spoke to my husband and i think it's answered questions he's had. i'm grateful he's had that experience because it seems to have really touched him and made a difference in a positive way.
5 - i'm grateful i've got the opportunity to work with my bro in law. i enjoy working with him and it's always good. plus i get a bit of play money and that's nice too.

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