The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Things are happening. It is wonderful. I feel more focused, more creative…maybe can one say more alive? There are so many things to “take in” here in ccor. It feels totally enriching!

My, do I have more creativity for my musicianship aswell! Unexplored corners that lead to further creativity and higher levels. It never ends… I always new that…but the speed has accelerated! It feels wonderful! I love music.

The “we are all One” thought has also intrigued my mind. I heard it before but didn´t reflect over it as much. This time I think of it, it has helped me to change my vision of other people as well and subsequently I help myself by helping them. I gain also self confidence ( in a very positive sense) and I really enjoy that.
That’s all for now, will get on with accomplishing my 6 tasks of today…
Lots of Love

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