The 100 Day Reality Challenge

S1 - Day 61: I'm in process...inner work continues...

Today is the last day of June 2009, wow, time seems to go ever faster. I've been working with my daughter on her potty training. She's doing really well since we started about 10 days ago. It takes a lot of focus to assist her in this development, so I'm not online as much to be more in tune with her. I've managed to create a basic outline of the content I will expand for my new website, so I'm making some progress towards my goals. I still have more organizing to do to get my office to where I feel comfortable with it. It takes time purging all the stuff I've not dealt with since moving to our new home. I'm working on my affirmations and continuing with my program with Holosync, which helps me relax more, though it also helps with "stuff" bubbling to the surface to be worked out and let go. So, onward ever onward. I've learned a lot about "the shadow" in my reading and awareness the past couple months. In my new state of awareness I am seeing an incredible view of my "ego" Self and many of my creations attached to it for my comfort zone. I was so happy to get a visit with my friend, my best friend this past weekend. We made jam together and talked for hours. It was so energizing to spend time with her and get a chance to charge my batteries again. I enjoy her company and catching up with all the details on our lives in person is such fun.I also purchased a few items for my abundance altar I am creating. I am having fun with putting together the pieces that will make up my altar. I enjoy the process. I'm in process and am beginning to feel more appreciation for the process and letting go of that which no longer serves me now.

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